Raising Hope “Single White Female Role Model” Review

Raising Hope arrived a little late to the “Occupy” party tonight with “Single White Female Role Model”. When Sabrina decides to “Occupy Natesville” early in the episode, her officer protest gets quickly out of hand and she ends up in prison.

Even though the whole occupy joke seemed pretty old at this point, there was quite a notable guest appearance by the lovely Katy Perry. I know her music may be divisive for some people, but she was genuinely funny as Sabrina’s psychotic prison guard Rikki. Kudos to Perry for being so willing to go all the way for her role, sporting a ridiculous hair-do and a gross mustache. She was completely unrecognizable! For how much FOX hyped up her guest appearance, you’d think that she would actually look something like the recognizable singing sensation. They really could have gotten anybody to play the homely prison guard, but making it somebody so famous was a good idea with Raising Hope making it’s big move to 8PM.

For the amount of hype her guest appearance received, you’d think her character would have had a bit more screen time. Instead, we were introduced to Natesville’s drunken and lascivious mayor, and she received quite a large story line involving her publicized fall from grace. I thought it was an odd choice to feature her so strongly, as we really haven’t seen her character up to this point (at least that I can recall).

Of course, though, this is Raising Hope, so there were quite a few laughs to be had. By the end, the whole thing was tied into a neat little bow by Virginia, who used the events from the episode as a lesson to baby Hope that she can grow up to be as powerful of a woman as she wants to be. It was a nice “Aww” moment to cap off another solid installment.

Random Thoughts:

– Is it weird that I’m still attracted to Katy Perry even though she has a mustache and a crazy red-haired perm?

– Lots of people were confused as to how and why Katy Perry wound up as a guest star on Raising Hope. It turns out that her and Shannon Woodward are best friends, and Katy has been trying to get on the show for a while now. I say you’re welcome back any time, Katy!

– Between Gregg Binkley doing Del Taco commercials before this and Daniel Tosh doing Taco Bell commercials, both of my Tuesday night comedy shows features former taco sellers! You gotta start somewhere…