New Girl “Injured” Review

After weeks of hilarity and hijinks and some seriously funny dialogue, New Girl showed its softer side in this week’s episode, “Injured.” For a lot of shows, that would be a bad thing, but somehow the more subdued tone felt just right and I walked away feeling as if I knew and liked these characters even more than I did before.

After Jess tackled him during touch football and bruised his spine, Nick finds out from her gynecologist friend (the only doctor he can afford) that he has a lump on his neck that he will not be able to ignore any longer. Of course, the human mind is conditioned to assume that all lumps are malignant harbingers of death, so Nick proceeds to look back on his life…but doesn’t see much.

Because Nick isn’t a daredevil. He’s not a party machine. He’s a pragmatic, sensible voice of reason, which is something that every group of crazy friends needs. Often, it’s the only thing that stands between them and dying in the middle of the Florida swamp because no one listens to that voice of reason when she tries to explain that what they’re thinking is a super special secret trail is really just the path an alligator recently took through the palm bushes and perhaps it would be better to stay on the actual trail instead of getting hopelessly lost in a place populated by said alligators.

You know…for example.

Anyway, at what Nick assumes is the end of his life, he realizes that he hasn’t really lived, which prompts everyone to pile into Winston’s car, even as it literally falls apart around them, and head to the beach. High on pain pills and impending doom, Nick runs into the ocean, a cathartic experience not only for him, but, surprisingly, for CeCe.

Previously, she had proven herself to be the only one in the group unwilling to treat Nick any differently, and on the beach, she told Schimdt why. She had already watched her father die when she was twelve. I like that she was able to tell him something so personal, and I like even more than he didn’t do anything dumb to ruin the moment.

After spending the night on the beach, very close to Jess, I might add, Nick realizes he has to give in and find out what the lump is really all about. With the financial help of his friends…having no medical insurance really is a death sentence…he’s told the lump is likely just a cyst.

I liked this episode. It might not have had as many laugh-out-loud moments as previous episodes, but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. I am now officially on Team Jess/Nick, though. The looks they were sharing…it just seems so obvious! If they don’t already have a cute nickname, we need to make one up for them. I have a feeling we’ll be using it more in the future.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!