Justified “Watching The Detectives” Review

Justified Watching the Detectives Season 3 Episode 8 (12)

I’ve decided to attempt a different approach with Justified this week. Since so much happens in each episode, I thought it might be best to do more of a recap with my favorite points of the episode coming in at the end. Let me know what you think and be patient with me as I attempt to decipher my notes and not forget anything.

In “Watching the Detectives” (which I really hope was titled as such because of the Elvis Costello song – my respect for the writers, which is already sky high would only skyrocket.), Raylan (played by the incredibly good looking Timothy Olyphant) is having a pretty bad day. Remember when I said his worst day ever was when Winona left him high and dry? Yeah, this day blows that out of the water.

Robert Quarles is working hard to set up our favorite Marshall and framing him for the murder of Winona’s ex-husband, Gary. Poor Gary. He thought he was hiding out in Tulsa and the next second – BAM! He’s dead on the front stoop of his old house. You’d think that that would be bad enough, but nope! The FBI is also tipped off that Raylan maybe working for Boyd, which sets off an investigation on top of the murder.

Raylan just cannot catch a break. Duffy and Quarles don’t make it easy for him (not that we thought they would) through the entire questioning process. While Raylan explained why his fingerprints were found on a casing at the crime scene, the pair spin their version of the story into Raylan having a drinking problem along with anger issues.

Which, let’s face it, he does.

Moving along. In an effort to ensure that Winona and Raylan will never reconcile their differences, the writers reveal that Gary was actually behind the hired hit on Raylan and Winona. Not only that, but Raylan knew about it and decided that Winona didn’t need that piece of information. Personally, I felt that Winona’s response of “Don’t come looking for me again” was actually perfectly acceptable in this situation.

Eventually the questioning is dropped from both cases and Raylan is left no worse for the wear.

Meanwhile Sheriff Napier has Tanner Todd set off a bomb underneath his police cruiser to frame Boyd. Interesting how the Raylan and Boyd story lines are slightly similar this week, right? Napier arrests Boyd and the guy is all set to rot in a jail cell. Again. I know that Boyd is a bad guy, but frankly, he’s my favorite on Justified and I wouldn’t hate to see him catch a break.

My favorite parts:

  • Raylan’s explanation of why he threw the bullet at Duffy – “I was proving a point that the next one might come a bit faster…”
  • Winona’s reaction to Gary’s death. While it was heartbreaking, I love that she just wanted an explaination as to why he was shot on the front stoop. And what he did to deserve something like that.
  • Art’s “His ballistics are on file from previous… well, they’re on file.” I love how fatherly Art was with Raylan in this episode. And he couldn’t have said a more true statement than “You’re going to give me a stroke.”
  • The final scene between Wynn Duffy and Raylan in Quarels house was probably my favorite scene from the Justified series to date. The writing was superb and the pacing was SPOT ON. Kudos to both Timothy Olyphant and Jere Burns for a flawless scene.
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