The Cleveland Show “Til Deaf” Review

After Lester fired a shotgun right next to his ear, Cleveland went temporarily deaf in “Til Deaf,” this week’s episode of The Cleveland Show. It turned out that Cleveland is a much better husband when he can’t hear anything that’s going on. Even when he regained his hearing, he employed ear plugs so that he could avoid listening to his wife and simply agree with everything she said, which is apparently the key to a happy marriage.

Unfortunately, Donna was going through a mid-life crisis, and the things to which Cleveland was unknowingly agreeing were her plans to move to Florida and get a degree in marine biology from the University of Miami (which any Floridian knows is less of a school and more of a giant beach party with books). When she finally did return and learned about his auditory deception, Donna was a changed woman. The show is known for carrying over story lines, and I hope this one is no exception.

Meanwhile, Junior was on the brink of being re-elected as student body president when he got too greedy with his stepsister’s fish sticks. In order to take him down a notch, Roberta put on her best Sarah Palin outfit and ran for office herself. Even Rallo’s attempt to stuff the ballot box in Junior’s favor didn’t work, and Roberta’s boobs won the election. But being the president is hard work and she quickly quits, allow Junior to regain his position when no one else in the school wants it.

A funny episode, but nothing to write home about. Cleveland gets more and more like Peter Griffin every week. One of the things I used to like about him was that he wasn’t just a Peter-clone. He had his own personality and quiet quirks. I would like to see him be more of an individual than he’s been this season.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!