Once Upon a Time “Dream” Review

How did a dwarf named Dreamy turn into a dwarf named Grumpy? By falling in love with a fairy, of course. In “Dreamy,” this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, we learned that dwarves hatch out of eggs, have no aspirations beyond mining fairy dust, and are discouraged from running off to sail around the world with pretty, but clumsy fairies named Nova (Amy Acker, in her cutest role since Angel’s Fred).

It’s been pointed out that the idea of star-crossed lovers might perhaps be overplayed on this show. I can’t deny that there’s a significant amount of these forbidden love stories…but when stripped down to their basics, aren’t most fairy tales based on such romantic conflicts? If two lovers were perfect for each other, there wouldn’t be much of an obstacle to their happy ever after, would there? Being a hopeless romantic, I’m willing to go along with a dwarf and fairy falling in love, especially since they were already connected by her spilling fairy dust onto his egg.

Brought together by encouragement from a heart-broken Belle (a nice touch), but torn apart by the Blue Fairy, Dreamy, like most of the selfless lovers in Fairytale Land, pushes his love away when it’s pointed out that being together would ruin her dreams of becoming a fairy godmother. Resigned to a life in the mines with his seven brothers (Stealthy is still alive at this point), Dreamy takes on a new handle (get it…handle?) and from then on would be known as Grumpy. Understandably. We’re not told what happens to Nova, but clearly she was still around when the curse descended.

Because in Storybrooke, her name is Astrid and she’s a member of the convent to which Mary Margaret apparently does not officially belong despite being called “sister” all the time by various townspeople. Maybe that’s just a cruel joke to remind her that she’s unmarried and living like a nun? Well, at least until she became the town’s very own Hester Prynne.

Dreamy is Leroy, the town drunk whose heart grows three sizes when he meets sweet, bumbling Astrid. Determined to help her save the convent from their land-lord, Mr. Gold, he tries to sell all of the nun’s miner’s candles, even going so far as to destroy a transformer to plunge Storybrooke into darkness. Candles sell really well in a blackout.

Of course, the irony is that Leroy and Astrid have even less of a chance at a happy ending than Dreamy and Nova did. Astrid is, after all, a nun. Let me just note that I loved the fact that Mr. Gold has a grudge against the nuns because in Fairytale Land, they were all fairies. And we saw what Rumplestiltskin did to Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

What was supposed to be the big mystery of the week got overshadowed by all of this fairy stuff. Kathryn is missing and thanks to Regina doctoring her phone records (can you really tell me that she didn’t?), Emma has reason to believe that David is lying when he said he didn’t speak to his wife on the day she vanished. She doesn’t want to haul him in for questioning, but she has little choice with Regina breathing down her neck and seemingly irrefutable evidence in front of her.

I am really curious to see where they’re going with this disappearance. I know in my heart that Regina is behind it, and that Kathryn is probably sharing a cell below the hospital with Belle, but will this mystery end up being the turning point, where the characters all start to realize that there’s something very wrong with their town? Part of me hopes so, but part of me also knows there are so many more stories that have only been hinted at…and I really, really want to see them brought to life before the story starts down the road towards being resolved.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!