Luck “Episode Six” Review

“Leave it to you, Ronnie” –Joey Rathburn

This moment from the sixth episode of Luck personified most of the episode. Throughout the episode, we watched our heroes(?) enjoy ever so brief glimpses of happiness, only for it to be taken shortly thereafter. After hitting rock bottom and needing an earthquake to foil his suicide attempt, Joey discovers that he can talk without a stammer. He takes small pleasure in being able to say complete sentences without stuttering. Even reading a Tommy Bahama label can prove to be quite enjoyable to a stammer-free Joey. Unfortunately, his joy doesn’t last long once he returns to his place among the track’s rank and file. Finally, it is disgruntled former client Ronnie that causes his stammer to return. Sorry, Joey. At least you’ll always have that hospital bed.

Walter Smith watches Rosie win another race atop his horse, Gettin’ Up Morning, but immediately scolds her for using the whip down the stretch. It’s clear that Rosie still has a lot to learn about handling this particular horse. Until she figures it out, her moments of joy will continue to be short-lived. Walter’s happiness instantly vanished with the two cracks of that whip. Now, he’s a worried and sad mess over the life of his standout horse. As with any situation where something becomes an instant sensation, the sharks are already swimming around Walter and Gettin’ Up Morning.

Our four degenerates/horse owners had another profitable week as their horse Mon Gateau won his second race. Unfortunately, even their joy was short-lived because the horse was flagged for bumping another horse. While the incident said a lot more about Leon’s skills as a jockey than the horse itself, the error still sucked the joy out of what should have been another happy moment. Even when Mon Gateau is not penalized for a foul, and declared the winner, the joyous moment has passed, and the guys retreat quickly to the cages to claim their winnings.

Ace’s plot against Mike continued to move forward. This week, he effectively used Nathan Israel as his go between for his conversations with Mike. Mike, his parole officer, and the track owner can all see Ace coming from a mile away, but at this point, Ace doesn’t seem to care. It seems that he thinks it doesn’t matter what they know because they ultimately don’t know what his plan is. However, Mike did decide to send a warning shot across the bow. Sorry, Gus, but “Wait to Go Greek” is not just an icing error.

Despite all of the ebb and flow with most of the central characters, my favorite character this week was a man who spent the entire episode in various states of unhappiness. I got a few genuine laughs out of watching Escalante deal with the panicked phone calls of horse owners following the earthquake. You get the sense he has had to deal with these phone calls before. Asking God why he has to deal with these people was a legitimate LOL moment. Unfortunately for him, the rocky nature of his relationship with Jo led to more unhappiness. They went at it throughout the episode with Jo finally walking away from Escalante after telling him not to speak to her again. Then, she mumbles under her breath that she is pregnant. Yikes. Good luck with that, Turo.

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The TV Czar