House of Lies “Veritas” Review

Wow. That’s the best way to describe “Veritas.” For most of the season, we have been treated to the lighter side of Marty Kaan and The Pod’s scandalous wheeling and dealing. However, this week, we got to see the penalties that one can pay when forced to live a life of ruthless narcissism. Marty is a guy who is constantly looking over his shoulder. Because of the way he does business, and his loss of the Pfizer account, Marty finds himself in the cross-hairs of some very important people higher up the Galweather-Stern corporate ladder. He instantly recognizes their interest in his potential successor, James, and sets his sights on him. Ultimately, Marty’s betrayal of James may come back to haunt him. James certainly seemed to indicate as much with his parting words. If we don’t see him again, I will be very surprised.

Doug and Clyde did their best to lighten the mood at the Galweather-Stern recruiting function. Clyde’s challenge to Doug that he couldn’t groom one of the Harvard Business School’s elite graduates onto “The List.” This trail of goofiness eventually led us to what Clyde called the greatest moment of his life: Discovering pictures of Doug dressed in drag.

Though Doug and Clyde tried to keep things light, it was clear that this episode was all about survival, and the price one is willing to pay for that survival. It seems that Jeannie is testing the tried and true angle of sleeping her way to the top. However, she happens to be sleeping with Marcos. Is she running a game for Marty? Is she only looking out for herself? A lot more questions than answers came out from that scene. The bottom line is this: Marty’s back is against the wall. What he does to attempt to extricate himself from this predicament will probably make for good TV. In any event, this week’s episode definitely raised the bar for the show. While it portrayed itself as a ridiculous look at the business world most of the season, this episode took on some deep and serious tones. It wasn’t a funny episode, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. It was an encouraging episode from House of Lies this week.

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The TV Czar