Being Human (UK) “Hold the Front Page” Review

Teenage vampire Adam is back in ‘Hold the Front Page’, this week’s episode of Being Human, and he’s brought along a guest — his much older ex-headmistress girlfriend, Yvonne. On the run from the press, they hole up in Honolulu Heights. But one intrepid journalist discovers Adam’s real secret, and attempts to team up with Cutler in order to expose vampires to the world…

Alright, it has to be said: even setting aside the succubus thing, Yvonne is bloody creepy. This episode was bookended by Yvonne being more motherly than girlfriend-ish to Adam and it made my skin crawl. Thankfully, everything else more than made up for it. When Adam wanted to be sweet he really was adorable, and I found myself happy for them at the end of the episode. Kudos, Being Human, for somehow making me root for the nasal vampire teenager and the creepy demon woman.

I think Yvonne being a succubus was made obvious really early on, enough that when Annie finally told her there was an element of ‘finally‘ to it. At least there was a lot of stuff going on to keep it from becoming tedious. There were two scenes I loved: the one where Tom becomes attracted to Yvonne while Annie carries on another conversation, clueless; and the other where everyone is engaged in a tense standoff, while Annie carries on, uh, cluelessly. Sidenote: obviously Annie’s cluelessness added to the humour in these scenes, but isn’t it worrying just how oblivious she can be sometimes, even after four years?

It’s almost a shame Pete the journalist is dead. I liked the idea of Cutler using him to out werewolves, while hiding his own vampiric nature. Alas, Pete was too smart for his own good and Cutler had to take him out. From the preview for next week, Cutler is going to do his own dirty work instead; here’s hoping he gives in and hires a better website designer.

So now that Cutler seems intent on turning everyone against werewolves, and considering the previous times vampires were almost exposed (Mitchell, I’m looking at you) and the glimpse of the future we’ve seen, what do we think the chances are that humans will actually find out the truth during the show’s run? I don’t know if it’s in their game plan, but if any show could pull off a plot like that, it’s probably Being Human. After all, once you’ve had characters like Adam and Yvonne you can get away with anything…

What did you think of ‘Hold the Front Page’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • well the succubus part is interesting I must say but why did George have to die before the big battle yet again between old one vampires and werewolves .

  • the episode was OK but with so many old ones in town why did George and Nina have to be killed off before the big battle of old vampires vs werewolves and why does adult eve or future eve want to kill herself aka terminator.