Army Wives “Winds Of War” Advance Review – Goodbye Fort Marshall

Army Wives Winds of War Season 6 Premiere (7)
Army Wives returns tonight for its sixth season with two brand new episodes “Winds Of War” and “Perchance to Dream” tonight starting at 9pm on Lifetime. I got a chance to watch “Winds Of War” early and I’m sure that fans of the show will be as happy as I was to get the ladies back on their TV.

Last season ended with the announcement of Fort Marshall closing down and when the series returns everyone is getting ready to go their own way. Snif! But that’s not the worse of it, there’s a storm coming and it might be heading to Fort Marshall.

I think the main thing I would say about the premiere episode is that it’s typical Army Wives. So if you’ve been a fan of the show for the past six seasons, then you’ll be happy to see the team back together. And of course it wouldn’t be Army Wives without a little drama and that storm will most likely bring on some trouble, especially since the promos have been teasing that “This season one wife won’t weather the storm.”

But back to the episode, as expected Roxi is less than enthusiastic about having to leave not only Fort Marshall but all her friends and of course most of all Pamela. But Pamela is not gone yet and she will prove to be a good friend once more.

Claudia Joy and Michael make a pretty big decision about their future and it’s not one that we expected. I’m actually curious to see how that will evolve throughout the season because it will definitely affect Claudia Joy’s storyline.

Denise and Frank are preparing to celebrate Molly’s first birthday party, but with the storm around the corner, their plans might end up falling through.

Mostly this first episode sets up the new season with all the changes coming and in true Army Wives fashion leaves us on a cliffhanger. Lucky for us though, the second episode will air right after, so I better set up my DVR for tonight. Make sure you tune in and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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