A Gifted Man ‘In Case of Heart Failure’ Review

This week saw the season 1 finale of A Gifted Man. After thoroughly disliking last week’s episode, I was hopefully that the season would go out on a high note. Thankfully, it did just that. There were two cases in ‘In Case of Heart Failure’: Louise, a young married woman who was given Anna’s heart in a transplant; and Gene, a friend of Michael’s who fell mysteriously ill after a trip to India.

Gene’s case could easily have slotted into any episode. It wasn’t particularly finale-dependant, unless links are made between Michael and his current relationships, but it was great to watch and well cast, and it didn’t detract from everything else happening in the episode.

There was a lot of juicy personal stuff, especially for Kate. I really want to like Kate, and I think I have overall, but this week I had to question her reasons for staying with her husband. Splitting up with him because he was consulting a divorce attorney made sense. Going back to him because he made a grand gesture and said he wanted to start a family didn’t make sense. I really wanted Kate to tell him that bringing kids into a bad situation doesn’t fix anything, but she didn’t. That was perhaps the only disappointment of the episode for me. Well aside from the severe lack of Anton and Zeke in this episode.

Coincidences were one of the reasons I disliked last week’s episode, but this episode showed how they could be done well. Louise coming to the clinica, Kate deciding to look into the transplanted heart even though it was fine, Michael getting to meet Louse – all coincidences and all beautifully written. My favourite part of the episode was probably the car accident. A Gifted Man does high drama well (see: ‘In Case of Complications’), but teamed with the parallels with Anna’s death, it was even better. (If the taxi hadn’t stopped, the boy retrieving the ball would have been hit. As would have the child whose ball Anna was retrieving when she died. But then if the child had been hit by the taxi, there’s a chance the taxi wouldn’t have been hit by the truck. Was Louise somehow meant to die?)

Which brings us to Anna’s current state of existence. She disappeared when Louise died, which can only mean one of two things. Either she left, as she’s wont to do (and often can’t actually explain), and will presumably come to visit Michael again some other time, or her spirit was linked to her heart and now that’s gone, she’s gone. I started to dislike Anna’s part in this show quite early on, but now that there’s the possibility she’s gone, I find that I quite liked her after all, at least in small doses.

Overall, a really good episode and a decent series. A Gifted Man may not have been the strongest show this year, but it had its moments and it definitely had a damned good cast. The jury seems to be out among viewers about whether it’ll be back next year, but if it is, I hope A Gifted Man learns from season 1, plays to its strengths, and delivers a second season that has us all tuning in.

What did you think about ‘In Case of Heart Failure’ and season 1 overall? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!