There Will Be a Firefly Reunion on ‘Castle’

Chuck Season 5 Cast (6)

‘Firefly’ fans rejoice!! Actors Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion will be back together on the small screen!

For the first time since the demise of the short-lived and much beloved FOX series ‘Firefly’ went off the air and after the triumphant spin-off feature film ‘Serenity’ in 2005, the actors will be teaming up on Fillion’s hit ABC series Castle.

Baldwin, who just finished a five-season run on the fan favorite dramedy ‘Chuck’, will guest star in an upcoming episode as Ethan Slaughter. That’s a great character name for Balwin, right?

Slaughter has been described by TV Guide as a rough and tumble cop from the city’s gang unit who lands a case that Castle is desperate to follow. The casting announcement goes on to report that Slaughter will “show Castle a dirtier side of police work that forces him to reconsider what he’s willing to do to close a case’. As it turns out this new alliance “will place Castle in the line of fire like never before”.

The next new episode of ‘Castle’, which is now in its fourth season, is expected to air on Monday, March 19 at 10/9c.