Project Runway All Stars “When I Get My Dress in Lights” Review

I now begin each episode of Project Runway All Stars with fear and anxiety. No one with talent is safe! My two remaining glimmers of hope are Mondo and Austin. I am still baffled by Jerell’s fashion sense and will never understand how Kenley remains after sending the same thing down the runway every single week. At least Jerell makes me laugh.

This week’s challenge is a light show! Yay? Angela announces that this week’s guest judge was once selected as one of the most stylish artists. Who could it be? Madonna? Gaga? Miss Piggy? In my best Shawn Spencer voice – wait for itttttttttttttt! Pharrell. Really? What the hell, why not? The contestants are charged with impressing Pharrell by incorporating lights into their designs. It was definitely an interesting challenge concept but like the clothes off your back challenge, there is the possibility that someone with talent may go home because they can’t work a light.

Austin’s increased screen time at the start of the episode made me very nervous. We got more screen time with Austin in the first 10 minutes of the episode than we’ve gotten all season. I feared that he was getting the exit edit of doom.

After selecting their lights and fabric, the designers headed to the work room where we got a glimpse of some very familiar sights.

Kenley was creating the same retro dress design but kudos to her for actually picking a different pattern.

Jerell was going tribal.

Michael’s first attempt is a hot mess and in a moment of self pity and panic, he decided to scrap the first idea and head in a completely different direction.

These things are so predictable that they’ve lost all dramatic effect and add very little entertainment value.

It’s time for the runway and Jerell captured the moment perfectly, “it could go fabulous or fugly.” With that statement, I loved Jerell even more and was finally able to forgive his past crimes against fashion this season.

Mondo – fashionably cartoonish.

Jerell – tribal, technicolor nightmare. According to Pharrell, there was also a hint of grandma in Jerrell’s style.

Kenley – same dress shape but I cannot deny that the look turned out to be playful and cute.

Austin – By staying true to his aesthetic, Austin stood out from the rest and emerged the victor. I loved how the lights framed his model’s face.

Michael – Tron. Contrary to the judges’ opinion, I thought Michael’s outfit channeled Tron way more than Mondo’s design. While in high school, I went through a phase where I cut holes in the tops of all my hats so that I could wear a high ponytail and allow spiral curls to spill over the hat. According to Michael, this is avant garde. Who knew?

With Jerell’s departure, the last bit of humor has left the show and four designers remain to battle it out.

What did you think about this week’s episode of Project Runway All Stars? Are you happy with the final four?