‘Misfits’ Producers To Develop Two New Series With BBC America


BBC America has announced the news that they have two new sci-fi series, Wired and The Dead Beat, (a first for the network) headed to their line-up. The network, since teaming up with Clerkenwell Films, will distribute the shows through BBC Worldwide.

The General Manager of BBC, Perry Simon, was excited about the new additions. “We couldn’t be more excited to be developing these British projects with Clerkenwell- – our first originals in h sci-fi genre.” While the film company’s Chief Executive of Clerkenwell, Murray Ferguson, shared the same happiness. “There’s a great energy behind this partnership; the creative make-up of BBC America, Clerkenwell, Steven Volk and John Jackson (the writers) is truly inspiring and has given us the opportunity to create something very special. The prospect of reaching a global audience is exciting and we’re eager to bring the worlds of ‘Wired’ and ‘The Dead Beat’ to life.”

According to the announcement ‘Wired’, written by Steven Volk of ‘Afterlife’ fame, focuses in on a highly advanced technological world with synthetic organisms that appear to look just like humans. ‘The Dead Beat’, from Jack Johnson, follows an eccentric duo, one dead cop, and one alive. Together the two will solve some strange cases, cold cases and more.

What do you think BBC fans? Are you ready for two new sci-fi series, ‘Wired’ and ‘The Dead Beat’?