Grimm “Three Coins in a Fuchsbau” Review

Grimm Three Coins in a Fuchsbau Episode 13 (2)

“Three Coins in a Fuchsbau” was lucky episode number thirteen for Grimm! Much like last week in “Last Grimm Standing”, “Three Coins in a Fuchsbau” was a pretty decent episode! Not only was the stand alone story well written, but the progression of the characters was great as well.

Grimm starts this case for Nick and Hank with the robbery of an estate jewelry store. The owner had been adamant about protecting three coins against the thieves that had broken in. Turns out that he did a decent job as the trio of thieves cannot find said coins in their haul from the jewelry store. Nick and Hank are given the coins by a reluctant medical examiner, and right away it’s evident that these coins are no good. Cut to Hank not wanting to part with the coins even at the request of Captain Renard, but eventually Renard demands the gold. After a mysterious phone call to someone in France, we find out that these three coins are actually the coins of Zakynthos.

Not that that means anything to us at all, but enter another creature that Hank and Nick picked up at the safe house of the thieves. Farley Colt is shown to be a Steinadler which, as best I can tell, is just a giant bird like thing. Monroe explains that these creatures are military like, which explains why Colt is looking for these coins. In the questioning room, Colt explains to Nick that the coins have an effect on the person holding them – that makes them charismatic to other men, and a natural leader. But they also bring devastation in their path. They’ve been around since, well, forever, and have been protected by Grimms as much as they could be.

We also find out the ring leader of the trio of thieves is Soledad Maquesa, a Schakaln. According to Monroe (who needed to help Nick translate the German) Schakaln’s eat babies, which is, an Monroe puts it: “Rude”. So true, Monroe. So true. The thing about Maquesa is that he doesn’t appear to want to eat any babies, but he does want these coins.

The way you’d expect the episode to play out happens after this (long) description of the coins. Captain Renard becomes obsessed and gives a very rousing speech which results in Maquesa realizing that the Captain has the coins. Cut to Nick taking out the bad guys and everyone lives happily ever after.

BUT what I haven’t mentioned is that Colt and Maquesa are connected to Nick in a very, very, personal way. Colt was engaged to Aunt Marie, but didn’t know that Nick was the kid she left him to raise. And to really round things out, Maquesa was among the creatures that were responsible for the death of Nick’s parents. Crazy, right?!

Grimm did a great job at moving along the story and also letting Nick gain even a little closure on his parent’s death. The final scene of Nick contemplating the three coins, but finally stashing them in the trailer was great – it shows that Nick isn’t a superhuman and does struggle with difficult choices. But, of course as our hero, he makes the right choice and puts away the coins for safe keeping.

The only thing that was disappointing about Grimm was the lack of Monore, but next week it looks like that will be fixed. What did you think of Grimm tonight?

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