30 Rock “Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky” Review

I’m convinced the 30 Rock writers tapped into my brain and purposely pulled together an episode of all the things I have mixed feelings about on the show. Okay, maybe Jack’s paranoia speech rubbed off on me a bit. I don’t think this week’s episode of 30 Rock was part of any anti-Jocelyn conspiracy but it did manage to pack in just about everything that makes me question how much I like the show at times. Or perhaps that’s just what’s become of 30 Rock.

As I’ve observed before, 30 Rock uses way too many celebrity cameos! I’m still trying to forget recent useless appearances by Jim Carrey, Kelsey Grammer and Andie McDowell. This week’s celebrity parade was a rare exception. I love Patti LuPone. I know that she is a Broadway legend to most but to me, she is the sassy librarian who captured Bob Rebadow’s heart on Oz. So evidently Frank, who still lives with his mom portrayed by Patti LuPone, is dating his former school teacher portrayed by Susan Sarandon. Rather than admit that he was smitten by his teacher’s “adultophobe” ways, Frank lies to his mom and tells her he is dating Liz Lemon.

The cameo appearances and repeated dismissal of Liz from her work and home were the highlight of last night’s episode. And note to Liz: eating sushi sold on an Amtrak train is much weirder than dating your former teacher or having a fake prison family in which you use a wigged basketball as your son.

Despite the fact that Frank does not look like he’s taken a shower since the 1980s, the funk risk is totally worth the trade off having his mom around. Surely Liz Lemon cannot resist a woman offering a seemingly endless onslaught of delicious foods. In fact, it was Frank who put an end to the charade after Liz ate prosciutto from his mouth without hesitation.

Although I liked the celebrity cameos this week, 30 Rock did nothing to change my growing ambivalence towards paring up Jenna and Tracy and Kenneth’s quest of a post-page career. If they keep putting Kenneth in 1970s leisure suits, I may just grow to like that storyline.

Favorite moments and other observations…

“You can’t say Dick Wolf on tv.”

Is hanging out with Pete really worse than hanging with Lutz? Really?

The porn version of Temple Grandin is Ten Poles Rammed In.

“Jaleel White makes Stefan Urquelle look like Steve Urkel.” This was especially funny coming from Jack.

Liz can taste tears in a meatball.

Exactly how did Liz mistake mice for a blanket?

Sound off below on 30 Rock. Feel free to make job suggestions for Kenneth. I can’t take this quest for purpose too much longer!