The Office “Test The Store” Review

After weeks of hard work and planning, the Special Projects team finally opened the doors to the first Sabre Store in Tallahassee. “Test The Store” followed the same sort of structure that we’ve seen the last few weeks on The Office where the bulk of the plot centered on Dwight and the Special Projects team while occasionally cutting away to fill us in on the antics back at the Scranton office.

This was probably the most absurd of all the Tallahassee plots we’ve seen thus far. Dwight had planned to put on an impressive show for the bloggers that were expected to come in for the full Sabre Store experience. There was a circus-like quality to the store and Dwight was the anxious ring master.

At first, all the manufactured hype was irritating and I couldn’t get past the fact that the sole purpose of the store was to pitch the “Pyramid Tablet” and the “Arrowhead Phone” as serious, life changing products. Back when Dunder Mifflin focused selling paper to a paperless world, there was no hype or gimmick. The big sales happened after Michael Scott, Dwight and/or Jim sat down with a client and reminded them of all the reasons they needed more paper from a company with a personal touch. Their work had never actually been a joke before now.

Not surprisingly, Jim’s hilariously awkward presentation did little to help me figure out why anyone would be interested in a triangle shaped tablet or phone. Given the time he had to prepare, Jim did an outstanding job, and I loved that even in mid speech, he couldn’t suppress his need to disagree with some of the totally untrue points in the presentation.

Before Ryan’s breakdown in the breakroom, Dwight had been imitating Kelly to try and calm Ryan down. I had to laugh out loud when Ryan instinctively reacted to the faux praise with a sheepish smile and his typical scummy put down response before asking Jim to play-act his mother.

Perhaps Dwight’s most brilliant scheme was setting up “hipster” Erin to create hype and mingle among the hipster bloggers with huge social networks. Although she dressed to fit the part, she didn’t have the street cred to pull it off and I was cracking up listening to her butcher the pronunciation of “Coachella” and “Zooey Deschanel” in front of a judgmental, bearded blogger.

Back at the office, everyone was dealing with the fallout of Andy and Pam having been attacked by an 11-year old girl. I get that Andy is sensitive, but I wish he wasn’t the one that had been attacked by the girl. Sure, he has a heart of gold, but they keep making him a bigger wus than he’s ever been. He’s starting to seem like he’s constantly on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Remember anger-managment Andy? Now he’s practically the polar opposite of that and while I don’t really want to see him rage again, I would like to have him land somewhere in the middle.

Toby’s self defense class was great for one liners and ridiculous moments. Toby’s been off in the sidelines a lot recently, so I was pleased that he got a handful of great lines tonight. Some of my favorite bits from the self defense seminar included Toby’s “Lemme get my cup.” line; Angela’s “Can I leave now? I already have a rape flute.” line; and Kevin’s explanation that the best self defense against small attackers was to “throw them into a tub of electricity.”

In the last few moments of tonight’s episode of The Office, Nellie bestowed the title of “Vice President of Special Projects” upon Dwight. I can’t wait to see what happens now that Dwight will be returning to Scranton fully loaded with new VP power.