CSI “CSI Unplugged” Review

Hand-cranked microscopes and ABO blood typing…CSI kicked it old school this week in “CSI Unplugged” after a bad storm left most of Nevada without power. Like Grissom before him, DB encouraged his team to use their heads rather than their technology to solve the murder of a nanny and the disappearance of a young boy.

On the whole, it was a pretty good episode. The case took some interesting turns, and there were some really small moments that reminded me why I still love the show and the characters (ie: Super Dave’s liquid luminol lamp that got Sara just a touch hot…Grissom probably got a Skype invite later, I’m just sayin’). But there were a couple of missteps as well.

When Hodges and Henry were trapped in the elevator, there seemed to be some undefinable tension between them. These two have never been the greatest of friends (Hodges went out of his way to make Henry look bad in his murder-scenario game a few seasons back), but I felt like we had walked into the middle of a scene…but never got the backstory. When Hodges indicated to DB that Morgan was angry at him, I expected to find out why, and I assumed it had something to do with Henry’s attitude. Nope. Nothing ever came of it. Oh, but it does say something about how the lab feels about Hodges that the elevator had stopped practically on the main floor…but no one bothered to help get him out all night. Maybe if they’d kept Wendy around…

Speaking of a whole lot of nothing happening, Greg and Morgan continue to dance around each other, but never actually take a step forward. I know the show well enough not to have gotten my hopes up for a stolen kiss in the darkest corner of the lab, but I thought maybe the power outage might have brought them a little closer together. Instead, Greg almost treated Morgan like a little sister who needed guidance and encouragement. That’s not the Greg I know and love. Yes, he’s grown up a lot, but not enough, I don’t think, to choose the role of mentor over love interest.

Finn continues to do fine, although for someone who was introduced teaching a class to other forensic types, she still had to be taught to think outside the box by DB, but once again she was given a case with blood spatter. Grissom was a bug guy, but he didn’t exclusively work cases with insect activity. The last shot of Finn and DB reminded me so much of Grissom and Catherine that I wonder if it might have been intentional. Older, greying man with his younger, blonde colleague. An echo of the past as CSI rolls on.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!