ABC Family’s ‘Jane By Design’ Gets More Episodes

The new ABC Family dramedy Jane By Design will be around for a little longer now that the network has given it a full season pick up; in fact, it received an order for another eight episodes.

The series, which debuted back on January 2, stars newcomer Erica Dasher as Jane Quimby, a high school student who is mistaken for an adult when she attempts to apply for an intern position with the fashion house Donovan Decker and is inadvertently thrust into a video interview for a personal assistant position for Gray Chandler Murray (Andie MacDowell).

Now Jane is leading two different lives: one as a high school student with an internship and one as a twenty-something girl in the fashion world, hiding the truth from all those she cares about her both worlds.

‘Jane By Design’ has quickly become one of the top ranked shows on cable among the network’s target demo audience of female teens, making it an easy selection for pick up.

The spring finale of ‘Jane By Design’ will air on Tuesday, March 6 on ABC Family at 9/8c and the newly ordered eight episodes will return this summer. [Source: Entertainment Weekly]