Survivor “One World is Out the Window” Review

Rain. Rain has always been the great equalizer on Survivor. Rain can break people down emotionally, deprive them of sleep, and drain their energy.”One World is Out the Window” proves that this is still the case on Survivor: One World. I’m really impressed that the girls stuck to their guns and stayed at their camp through the night, but it was amusing to see them cave in the morning and warm up at the guys camp. This whole “One World” dynamic is really proving to be a fun wrinkle in the game.

The women continued to impress me when they completely annihilated the guys in the reward challenge! I know that some detractors will point out that it was a mental challenge, and that they’ve yet to best them in a physical challenge, but it’s pretty darn impressive to shut them out 5-0. Especially considering their diminished mental state from getting no sleep.

What wasn’t quite as impressive was how unreasonable Chelsea and Alicia were being about letting the guys use their boat while they were in their camp taking advantage of their shelter and fire. It literally made no sense to me at all. It was almost comical how unwilling they were to make any kind of exchange without having to consult with their tribe. Um yeah, we’d just rather not commit to anything and keep using your fire and shelter, thanks!

Thankfully, the girls gained all of my respect back with that incredible comeback in the immunity challenge. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time in Survivor history where one team had such a CLEAR lead, and then they lost by such a minuscule amount. Wow. My heart was beating out of my chest at the end of that one.

This took us to the guys first tribal council, and there were quite a lot more sparks flying than I thought there would be. One of the great benefits of Survivor being on the air as long as it is, and Jeff being the host for as long as he has, is that Jeff just basically can say whatever he wants now. He so clearly is frustrated by Colton that he has no qualms with pointing out to the whole tribe how stupid he’s being. Even though Colton may look and act like he’s at the top of his alliance right now, we’ve seen time and time again in Survivor that this is a social game. Colton is being way too much of a drama queen to be able to garner any jury votes down the road, and he’s gonna find himself blindsided pretty quickly if he doesn’t shape up soon.

In the end, Matt went home. Matt’s early departure should serve as a warning to Colton: Strutting around like you’re untouchable can paint a big target on your back. It will be interesting to see what happens with the guys at each other’s throats next week. Can’t wait!

Random Thoughts:

– I love the banjo playing during Troyzan and Kat’s challenge face off. There’s something about the banjo that just completely demeans whatever it’s playing over. You never hear the banjo play over a really serious and somber event, it’s always over people doing something silly.

– I LOLed when Colton said that he hopes Bill just goes and kills himself. That’s got to be one of the most aggressive things I’ve ever heard on Survivor.

– Is anybody else a bit confused now that there’s a Tarzan and a Troyzan in the same game?