Southland “Fallout” Review


“LAPD officers start every shift knowing they might only have a fraction of a second to make a difficult choice. The ramifications will last their whole lives.”

In ‘Fallout’, Southland looks at the effects of decisions the cops have made. For Sherman, wrongly accusing Sammy of planting evidence leaves him with a partner who will always have his back, but who doesn’t want a friendship. When Tang removes a piece of evidence from the scene of an accidental shooting to cover her own ass, a move that Cooper thinks was unnecessary anyway, they’re both left with the knowledge that she’s not quite the cop either of them thought she was. And for Lydia… Well, we’ll come back to her later.

The more weeks pass, the more I dislike the tales of Sherman’s exploits. It seems like every week brings new women in his bed and it’s getting tedious, not to mention making him seem like an utter ass. But if there’s one thing this situation with Sammy has shown us, he’s a good police officer. He’s a pretty crappy person right now otherwise — was bringing up Nate really necessary? — but he’s a good cop and his reasons for accusing Sammy were reasonable.

Of course Sammy doesn’t see it that way. I like this storyline because it’s not black and white – there is no wrong or right side. Sherman wasn’t wrong to consider the possibility of Sammy planting evidence, but maybe he could have been more tactful in his approach to it — and he could definitely have dealt with the aftermath better. Similarly, Sammy could have dealt with the accusation better, especially after having time to consider why Sherman accused him, but you can’t fault him for being upset either. Will they repair their friendship over the next three weeks before the end of season 4? I guess we’ll find out.

What about Tang and Cooper? To be honest, I’m not sure what I think about the shooting. No, Tang shouldn’t have removed the cap from the gun, but like Cooper said, she’d had a shitty day. If her job is all she has left, presumably, can we really blame her for wanting to ensure she keeps it? Still, I was glad that Cooper encouraged her to tell the truth, even if she didn’t take his advice. What about that ending, huh? That fake-out where it looked like Cooper was going to buy drugs was so, so disappointing. I’m glad we won’t have to deal with more of his addict ways; I like this renewed, unhindered, hilarious Cooper.

Lydia is still pregnant, still hiding it, and still dealing with cases that involve children. This week was a pregnant woman who shot her boyfriend because he was abusive and maintaining a bad situation for the baby to be born into. Lydia’s sympathetic, Ruben gets to say ‘I told you so’, and I was neither entertained by the plot nor sympathetic to the rapidly stagnating pregnant!Lydia storyline.

Overall: a good episode. I’ll be interested to see how Sherman and Sammy’s friendship is fixed, if at all. The repercussions of Tang’s actions are bound to affect her working relationship with Cooper, which should be interesting to see after their former camaraderie. And I hope like hell that something happens with Lydia’s pregnancy plotline next week because it’s getting duller by the minute.

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