One Tree Hill “A Rush of Blood to the Head” Review

A lot went down in “A Rush of Blood to the Head,” this week’s episode of One Tree Hill, but the most important thing we learned is that it was not Nathan’s body in the morgue, and Haley’s reaction was simply overwhelming relief that her husband is still missing, rather than dead.

Nothing was actually seen of Nathan this week, not a good sign, but Dan made some progress and, surprise, surprise, it involved beating someone up in order to earn himself a favor with a Russian mob contact from his jail days. Dan never takes the high road if he can help it, but this might just be the one time when his shadiness serves the community well.

Brooke was on edge after discovering that Xavier was let out of jail. He’s decided to become a proper little stalker; she really should look into a restraining order ASAP. Like she said, she has two defenseless little boys now, and Julian can only act intimidating for so long.

Chase found a great way to get out of his Air Force deployment. After putting two and two together to figure out that his little buddy Chuck’s father was beating the crap out of him, Chase grabbed a crowbar and judiciously applied it to the child abuser. Not sure if the jerk survived or not, but Chase was arrested and definitely won’t be shipping out any time soon.

Clay continued to struggle with his memories of Sara’s death. His therapist pushed and pushed, forcing him to talk about the day she died until he was on the brink of a breakthrough. After that, it only took one look at little Logan to remember…the boy, of course, is his and Sara’s son. I was actually really glad that he didn’t immediately fall to his knees and embrace the child. Clay has serious issues (you’d have to in order to forget the existence of your own son); they won’t be solved overnight.

For an episode in which a lot happened, things still felt a little slow. I am so ready for Nathan to find his way home, but I still think that Dan is not long for this world. His exchange with the Russian mobster about death and redemption and hell sure sounded like foreshadowing to me.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!