Jane by Design “The Getaway” Review

It was inevitable that Jane’s secret life would eventually come to someone’s attention, but I honestly didn’t imagine it would happen so soon, and I definitely didn’t think that her derpy brother would be the one to figure it out. But in last night’s episode of Jane by Design, “The Getaway,” Ben took a good look at all the pieces and while he hasn’t totally solved the puzzle, he awfully close.

I suppose we can blame India. Thanks to her jealous belief that Jane was interested in Jeremy, she manipulated Gray into sending Jane with her to LA on the pretense of scouting new locations for Donovan/Decker boutiques, with the ultimate goal of keeping Jane and Jeremy apart. But Jane’s weekend plans were all about Nick and a school-sponsored camping trip. Instead of cuddling under the stars with her baseball cutie, Jane ended up on a private jet to California in order to keep an eye on India.

So of course, back at the camping trip, an abandoned Nick and a still-jealous and pouting Lulu wound up in a massive lip lock. There really isn’t anything good about Lulu, is there? I had hopes for her three-dimensionality, but she’s proven to be pretty awful, expecting Billy to be proud of dating her while she hides him from her family like the trailer trash that deep down she thinks he is. I am not a fan of Jane and Billy, but I would rather see them together than him and Lulu.

Not much noteworthy happened on the LA trip except that Jane met Gray’s estranged husband and came inches away from bonding with India. But her unplanned trip wound up spilling her secret when Ben came looking for her at D/D and learned not only where she was spending her weekend, but what she had really been doing for the past few months. Oh dear…

Besides the Nick/Lulu betrayal, the highlight of the camping trip was Ben and Rita’s kiss. I like them; they’re sweet. Plus I think a lot of people would like to be in Rita’s shoes, getting a second chance with a high school crush.

I had total flashbacks to the pilot episode of The O.C. at the end of the episode when Billy stupidly came to his brother’s rescue, only to be arrested along with him for the robbery in which Billy had earlier (wisely) declined to participate. Boy just can’t catch a break.

Next week is the spring finale of Jane by Design with no word yet on whether it will be returning in a few months. Depending on how next week’s episode goes, this could either be minor disappointment or a blessing in disguise. Pretty much the only thing about this show that I have consistently enjoyed is the clothes.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!