Parenthood “My Brother’s Wedding” Review

As a viewer, the season finale of Parenthood is bittersweet. I am so excited to see how things wrap up for the Braverman family but I will miss the anticipation of new episodes in the coming weeks. I have not closely followed any reports about Parenthood’s future but I will keep my fingers crossed that NBC will have the good wisdom to renew the show. (along with Community – six seasons and a movie!)

I am a sucker for fairy tale endings in television shows and movies. Life is already full of bittersweet moments, why on earth would I turn to fiction for anything less than perfect endings? As expected, Doctor Joe takes Jasmine and Crosby’s reunion in stride and genuinely wishes her well. The chick from Dexter, not so much. I will miss seeing DB Woodside on the show. I’ve loved him since The Temptations miniseries.

Leave it to Adam to rain on Crosby’s love-filled parade. It was no surprise that he wanted to accept Dwayne Wayne’s lucrative offer for The Luncheonette. (I refuse to bother figuring out the name of the character portrayed by Kadeem Hardison.) Sometimes with family you reach an impasse that can no longer be resolved by words and there is nothing wrong with a bit of food slinging and tumbling around on the ground. It was long overdue for Crosby and Adam. The only disappointment was that Kristina remained without touch of juice or salsa. Once again, she’s butting in at the wrong time. As much as I enjoyed watching Crosby and Adam blow off steam, their argument seemed a bit trivial in light of Joel and Julia’s recent disappointment. It was great to see that Joe and Julia’s painful experience with Zoe had the unexpected result of making them fearless in their pursuit of expanding their family.

I’m not bothered by Bob and Amber but for the record, Bob looks so creepy.

Mark and Sarah continue to play the relationship Chicken game. This time it is the idea of a last-minute wedding in Ireland. Sarah finally injects a long overdue dose of reality by pointing out the impracticalities of a last minute location wedding and admitting to the challenges she may face of conceiving a child at her age. Sarah, as a woman of a certain age with two nearly adult children – you cannot expect a future with a man who is asking you about expiration dates on canned goods! Damn you Mark for making it so difficult to let you go! I was ready to condemn him for not tossing out old food and then he goes and tells Sarah he does not have to have kids. Mark can join Doctor Joe on the island of cast away men with hearts of gold.

Oh Drew. Some of the kids on Parenthood make me feel as though I’m prematurely developing into a crotchety old woman shooing young rabble rousers off my lawn. In particular, the less I see of Haddie and Drew in an episode of Parenthood, the better. I’m not into Drew’s withdrawn, emo routine and I’ve liked him even less now that he is attached at the hip to his new girlfriend. The lost virginity story line was already done with Haddie last season so I’m not keen on revisiting it again. Should Parenthood return for another season, I hope this does not turn into a teenage pregnancy story. Has Sarah not already been through enough with the crazy ex-husband and random acts of teen defiance from her kids?

Crosby and Jasmine’s wedding was as amazing as last week’s rain-soaked proposal. Jabbar’s happiness really makes this reunion great to watch. Here’s hoping that these two are past the major relationship turmoil. I enjoy a happy, “boring” couple from time to time.

Best moment of the night – Adam resisting the temptation of Dwayne Wayne’s offer. I’m not sure what this means for Haddie’s plan to go to Cornell and honestly, I don’t care. I’m going to enjoy this moment now because I’m sure there will be lots of resentment and “shoulda, woulda” waiting for Crosby next season.

Second best moment? The 20 seconds of MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” we were treated to at the wedding reception. I’m kidding. It was Mark unexpectedly showing up to the reception and for once, sounding realistic in his expectations – right up until the marriage proposal.

The Amber/Bob break up will not stick. Frankly, I still just don’t get what the big deal is here – aside from the job-related issues. I don’t get the tears, the melodrama, the overreactions. I don’t get it.

When Joe and Julia finally got their adorable son Victor, it was clear that the Parenthood writers are as uncertain about the future of the show as those of us watching at home. If this is the last episode of the series, each story got just enough closure to allow viewers to walk away with the “happily ever after” sense of satisfaction. If NBC (finally) makes a good scheduling decision, there are plenty of great story lines that can be easily picked up at the start of the new season. As a previously-scorned NBC viewer (still waiting for that Heroes series finale), I appreciate how the writers handled this week’s episode.

What did you think about Parenthood? Is it time to start a letter writing campaign? Wait, according to Leslie Knope, those don’t work. Is it time to start a save Parenthood campaign – along with the ongoing save Community effort? Come on NBC, if you give Parenthood another season I may just yet forgive you for cancelling Heroes and for airing Outsourced for benching Community and allowing Whitney to remain on the air. Maybe.