NCIS “Need to Know” Review – Appearances Are Sometimes Deceiving

NCIS Need to Know Review

Your regular reviewer, Michelle Carlbert aka Mokibobolink, is out this week so I will be taking over her NCIS review. I know I have big shoes to fill so bear with me as I attempt to give you my take on this latest episode of NCIS “Need to Know”.

The story had it all: A dead navy soldier killed by remote control, an international arms dealer and a deadly model/spy. The set up was perfect for one of those Gibbs’ interrogations where we find out that it was the model who was behind it all along.

Instead, we got a somewhat less satisfying conclusion where we are told who is who and what happened. Not bad but clearly lacked a bit of that trademark NCIS interrogation room reveal. On the plus side, it is very possible that we will get to see Ava Baransky (Katia Winter) again, if only for Tony’s sake.

Speaking of Tony, is it just me or is he getting hornier with age? I have rarely seen someone get so excited to interrogate anyone. It was so unsettling that even Gibbs actually pulled in Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget (Matt Jones) to accompany McGee to get the suspect.

This did lead us to see a more confident and assertive McGee so at least Tony’s horniness had a plus side for him. Not quite sure whether Dorneget should be a permanent fixture or not, though. I was more intrigued with Abbie’s Nasa friend, the 16 year old genius, who managed to do something that McGee or Abbs couldn’t figure out.

I do have two minor gripes with this episode though:

– I wish we got to see Ziva at the high school. Seeing her dealing with high school boys (which are just basically Mini Tonys) in her typical Ziva ways would have been hilarious.

– The interrogation scene in the morgue was way too brutal for my taste. Most likely illegal or at the very least unethical. It didn’t quite fit with the finesse that the team usually displays in these moments. Too out of character.

So overall, this was an entertaining episode with solid trademark NCIS moments. What did you think of the episode? Do you share my gripes? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.