Justified “The Man Behind the Curtain” Review

Justified The Man Behind the Curtain Season 3 Episode 7 (6)

So is it just me, or is Raylan pretty freaking surly now that Winona is gone? “The Man Behind The Curtain” was the mid-season mark for Justified, and because of this there were no new issues introduced, nothing new to report, just same old same old in Kentucky. We did, however get to learn a lot more about our friend Robert Quarles (Neal McDonough).

Apparently Quarles isn’t in Kentucky by choice; not that this was much of a surprise given the guy’s demeanor and overall attitude. It seems that Quarles is actually the surrogate son of a Detroit boss who didn’t make an appearance in this episode, but who we heard quite a bit about (and met his actual son, Sammy). This guy sent Quarles to Kentucky to keep tabs on things, and I think Quarles might be slightly bitter about it.

Quarles succeeds in pissing off Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) within the first few minutes of Justified. Quarles shows up at Raylan’s new home and offers to pay the Marshall double whatever Boyd is paying him to have Raylan working for him. Obviously this doesn’t go over real well with Raylan who, despite moving out of the seedy motel and into a much nicer room above a bar, seems to need a nap through the entire episode. He quickly inflicts some pain on Boyd and lets him know that he’s not overly happy with Quarles believing he’s working for an ex-con drug runner.

Raylan, who we all know really likes to be in control of every situation, no longer has control over anything. This makes for a very cranky Raylan and one that loses his temper at the drop of a hat. Why wouldn’t he? Between Quarles, Boyd, Winona, and the oxy clinic in Aunt Helen’s house – Raylan is not having the best day ever. He asks Tim for help getting close to Sammy, and when it looks like his hard work is going to pay off, the FBI steps in and shuts him down. Good thing Art was there to cover for Raylan.

Regardless of the FBI warnings, Raylan continues in the pursuit of Sammy and discovers that the two of them may be on the same team when it comes to Quarles. We also learn that Gary didn’t get as far away from Kentucky as Raylan told him to. He’s now involved, once again, with Duffy and Quarles… anyone care to bet how Raylan is going to take that news?

Meanwhile, Arlo has lost his grip and has started demanding to know where creepy Mr. Limehouse is keeping his dead wife. Limehouse and Boyd exchange words regarding Arlo (and some cash as well), and Raylan is never the wiser about his father’s failing sense of reality. Not that he’d care if he knew, and not that I’d blame him for not caring. Arlo never gave Raylan the time of day, why should Raylan start caring now?

One thing to mention about this episode were the guest stars. I’m partial to Jim Beaver, and he reappears as security guard Shelby whom Boyd is now going to have run against Naiper for sheriff. You’ve got my vote, Shelby! Max Perlich as Sammy (Homicide) and Stephen Tobolowsky also guest starred this week. It was like a mini Deadwood reunion on Justified! I was waiting for an appearance from Al and Trixie, but no such luck.

Like always Justified gave us a quality episode that flew by and made me sigh in disappointment when the credits rolled. This show goes by far too fast for me; I say we petition FX and make it at least two hours long each week.

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