Fun Facts from James Roday and Dule Hill About Psych Season 6.5


We’ve waited more than two months for it, but the time has come and Psych is finally returning to our TV screens. Season 6.5 of the hit USA series starts with an extra long episode on Leap Day, Wednesday February 29 at 10pm on USA. The episode is called “Indiana Shawn And The Temple Of The Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger” which, as if you couldn’t tell, is a parody of Indiana Jones.

Before putting on their fedoras and picking up their bullwhips, James Roday and Dule Hill took the time to field a few questions. Here are a few fun facts they shared with us.

Some of Shawn and Gus’ banter is scripted, but not all of it

Shawn and Gus have been friends since they were kids and their banter gets pretty epic. Though James and Dule haven’t known each other quite that long, they’ve still got it down.

James said: “We’ve got a nice balance of scripted stuff and improvisation since the very beginning. I think it’s part of what sparks the show and keeps things lively for Dule and I, and luckily we’ve been doing it long enough that we can generally make it sound like it belongs in the scene.”

Dule apparently does a mean Shelley Duval impression

Psych is known for its parodies and in addition to the season 6.5 premiere, the show is also going to be doing parodies of The Bachelor, Chinatown (in an episode appropriately titled “Santa Barbara Town”). According the James though, we all should be on the lookout for an episode that has fun with The Shining.

James said: “We’ve got an episode called “Here’s Lassie” up second, which is our tribute to The Shining, not so much the book, more the Stanley Kubrick adaptation of the book, and that turned out pretty well. I think the highlight is easily Dule Hill’s impression of Shelley Duvall. Everyone can look forward to that.”

Yes, a musical episode is still in the works and will be done…….someday

Our favorite guys have belted out a few tunes here and there over six seasons and we’ve all heard talk of a musical episode being bandied about for quite a while. Now we all just want to know when it will happen.

James said: “You know, to [creator Steve Franks]’s credit, I think obviously we’re all very excited by the possibility of doing a musical, but knowing [it’s] not unprecedented and that other shows have done it, I can tell you it’s very important to him that we not just do it, but that we do it incredibly well. And I think he just doesn’t want to short change the fans or our show by delivering anything less than you know, a home run. And I’m not entirely sure if we’ve figured out what the home run is. So until that happens, it’s just a big question mark.”

The Clue episode definitely IS happening

Much like the musical episode, we’re been hearing about an upcoming Clue episode as well. Unlike the musical though, this episode is pretty much in the bag.

James said: “[The Clue episode] I can say with a reasonable degree of confidence is still happening. The reason that we were unable to do it in season six was sort of a perfect storm of scheduling issues with some of the pieces of talent that I think we could all agree you have to have on board if you’re going to do a clue episode. So we basically just put a pin in it and pushed it to season seven, if there was going to be a season seven, and now that there is one, I can say here with confidence, barring some unforeseen glitch, you’re going to get your Clue episode .”

In a fight between Shawn and Gus, no one would win

Shawn and Gus are best friends but even best friends fight sometimes. So far the battles have been verbal but here’s what the guys had to say if they ever got physical.

Dule said: “I think what would happen [is] – one of us would declare a winner, and then we probably would start fighting over who the winner is. So it’d be like this little black hole that we’d go into where we’d continue to fight over new things. And then someone would say “fine, you win,” and then we would start fighting over [that].”

James said: “It would be tough, because I don’t think either of their pain thresholds are very high, and I also don’t think they have it in them to truly hurt the other person. So I think it would come down to semantics and debate as opposed to one man standing over the other.”

When asked if Shawn would pull any kungfu moves on Gus, James said: “Shawn would like to think that he has unlimited moves from any number of disciplines, but I think we all know the truth, which is that when danger is near, those guys run as quickly as they possibly can in the other direction.”

The guys would love to do a crossover with Chuck and….zombies?

Getting the chance to see Shawn and Gus interact with characters on other TV shows would be a blast and the guys told us a few of their top choices of shows they’d like to crossover with.

Dule said: “I’m still on the whole Monk train. I would love to have Tony Shaloub come and do an episode of Psych. And I wouldn’t mind either Zachary Levi. That would be cool. You know, he’s a cool dude, and I really could have fun hanging around. And I think the Chuck and the Psych fans would enjoy seeing Zach come and do an episode of Psych.”

James said: “I think the one thing that we’re not allowed to do on Psych – in terms of like a mandate creatively that probably will never change – is anything that’s truly supernatural. Like, stuff can appear to be supernatural, but then there always ends up being an explanation. So I think it would be fun to get dropped into like The Walking Dead or True Blood or something and have Shawn and Gus have to deal with something that truly can’t be explained. And also, I think Gus would probably warm up to the idea of vampires pretty quickly once he realized that they were interested in doing more than just talking to him.”

Sounds like we have a lot to look forward to this season and upcoming seasons as well. Don’t forget to tune into Psych this Wednesday at 10pm on USA!

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