The Voice – Blind Auditions Part 5 Review

The Voice
We’ve finally reached the final round of blind auditions on The Voice. To be perfectly honest, I’m over it. Note to producers for next season – find a way to shorten this process next season. Please and thank you!

After watching what feels like a lifetime of these blind auditions, it is just dawning on me that the judges have been wearing the same outfits week after week. This means that these blind auditions are done in a single day. If I’m exhausted from watching four weeks of episodes, I can only imagine what the judges feel like by the end of this marathon day. Perhaps exhaustion was to blame for some of the weird choices on this week’s episode.

A few comments on some of this week’s auditions…

Whitney – I liked her performance. She did a really great job at making “No One” her own. However, I think proclaiming that an artist sounds like another well-known artist does a huge disservice. Whitney had a great look and sound but sorry Adam, she is no Mary J. Blige. Whitney is great in her own unique way but Adam and I clearly heard something completely different.

Cheesa – I’ve always wondered just how late in a performance a judge could decide to turn their chair. Thanks to Cee Lo, we got a pretty good idea of what that looks like.

Preston – What the hell was Preston doing on this show? Really? Was Preston talented? Absolutely. Was it obvious that Preston was outside of the targeted demographic for The Voice? Without question. Don’t get me wrong, Preston is the man. And yes Adam, he is way cooler than you will ever be. I generally love Cee Lo but what was up with the backhanded comment? “I hope I sound as cool as you are when I’m your age.” Yes, the show is called The Voice but there are still certain unspoken rules about the formula for success on this show. Not to be completely cynical, I believe that The Voice allows artists of all ages and looks an opportunity to go farther than they would on other reality competition shows.

Lex – If I’m being perfectly honest, I didn’t get it. I was not as swept away by her voice as the judges and I certainly did not hear any Sade during her performance. Granted, I’m a bit cranky after several weeks of blind auditions. I’ve watched better singers not get a single chair turn so I’m also a bit biased by hindsight.

Orlando – Great performer. After watching the judges pass on David and Cameron, I would have just stopped the episode if Orlando was left behind. I think Orlando is a sleeper. He has the potential to go really far – he’s got an interesting story, he’s easy on the eyes, he plays the piano and he has great stage presence. Good job Adam, maybe it wasn’t just dumb luck that you were the winning judge last year. Kidding!

Lee – I’ll admit it. I waited with bated breath for Lee to get down on that harmonica. Stevie Wonder is one of my favorite artists and I squeal like a school girl every time he busts out the harmonica. I really didn’t care what Lee sounded like, he had a harmonica so I wanted him on someone’s team. I suspect that Christina may feel the same because she pushed her button as soon as she heard that sweet, sweet sound from Lee’s harmonica. I’m excited about Christina’s team this season. She made a wise decision not to pack her team with a bunch of women with big voices and I love it.

PS – I LOVE that Lee can also bake. I’m passionate about Stevie Wonder, harmonicas and men that can cook – maybe not in that order.

Wade – if Blake or Cee Lo did not turn their chair for Wade’s soulful take on “Rehab” it would have been among my WTF moments listed below. I loved Wade’s range, funkiness and his courage to just own the song. He and Cee Lo are a good match. I am genuinely excited to hear Wade bring his unique twist in the coming weeks. This sorta makes up for Cee Lo passing on Cameron.

Sara – Totally worth the wait. Christina joining her final team member on state for an impromptu duet was a nice touch.

WTF moments:

– How did David Dunn’s performance not earn a single chair turn?

– Indeed, Cameron was all over the place but he was talented and a great performer. I don’t understand how Christina has selected a contestant that only raps but no one would turn their chair for someone who can actually sing and rap. What the hell is going on here? Maybe I needed to hear Cameron and not look at him, but I really don’t know how Adam could have thought that Cameron was a woman. Kudos to you Cameron for sticking it to the judges one more time by showing what they missed. Do you hear that Cee Lo? That is the sound of you dropping a big ol’ ball by not choosing Cameron. Hmph! Mr. Purrfect would never had made such an oversight. Purr-haps you should allow him to choose the final members of your team.

– Did someone have on just a blazer and pantyhose with stars on them?

Awkward moments on this week’s episode of The Voice:

– David Dunn’s dad’s lack of confidence that his son would stick with his pursuit of singing became more painful by the fact that he was not selected for a team. This is not the kind of awkwardness that I’ve come to love on The Voice.

– Blake’s “haaahhhh” reaction to Lex Land was not even a subtle sexual reference. The moment was made even more awkward when Adam referred to Blake as premature. I generally find the awkward moments on The Voice to be funny and although I’m always game for inappropriate humor, this was just gross. Woof.

– Adley’s mom jumping on Carson. I was losing hope that I would not get one of those awesomely awkward moments that I’ve come to love on The Voice, which would have been hugely disappointing. Thank you Adley’s mom. Thank you. And Adley, thank you for your style. Don’t…ever…change.

I normally hate cross promotion on television shows (I’m looking at you The Biggest Loser) but I absolutely loved watching Betty White take on Marvin Gaye’s classic hit, Let’s Get It On. Betty White, Zac Efron and Danny DeVito as The Lorax are much preferable to watching Bob Harper extol the values of Jennie-O turkey or Ziploc bags. Just saying. Also, if you’re on Twitter and not following Danny DeVito – do so immediately. You’re welcome.

So I’m a bit conflicted. I would really like to see The Voice hold second round auditions like those held during season one. I would love to see contestants like Cameron and David get another shot. However, the idea of another round of these damn auditions makes me want to throw my computer at the television. And I love my television…and my computer to a lesser extent. Looks like there will be no second chances this season.

The judges have assembled great teams and as we move beyond the blind auditions (finally), I hope that the judges will continue to be moved by the voice rather than attractive packages. Pun intended and yes, I’m looking at you Cee Lo.

Sound off below on this week’s episode of The Voice. Any favorites? I’m super excited about the judges. I will be dancing on the ceiling with anticipation of seeing Lionel Richie. Yeah, that was corny but I’ve earned it after four weeks of blind auditions.