Exclusive Interview: Lost Girl’s Ksenia Solo Talks Kenzi, Locke & Key, Comic Con and New Girl’s Schmidt

What does it take to fit in?

In real life, you need some social skills of course. However, in the fae world, the fictional supernatural universe of the Syfy series Lost Girl, you need one of two things: some sort of fae power such as Bo (Anna Silk) succubus ability to suck the life out of you or some mad survival skills like the ones held but charming, quirky and yet tough as nails Kenzi played the very talented and mesmerizing Ksenia Solo.

TV Equals had a chance to chat with the wonderful Ksenia and ask her a little bit more about her character Kenzi, what US viewers can expect in the upcoming first two seasons and much much more.

Check out what she had to say below and don’t forget to tune in for a new episode of Lost Girl which airs tonight Monday February 27th on Syfy (10-11 p.m. ET). (Bonus: Jump at the end for episode photos with Ksenia and a fun video titled “Sh*t Kenzi Says”


How would you pitch this series to someone who’s never watched it before?

Ksenia Solo: I think what’s cool about ‘Lost Girl’ is that it has a little bit of everything. It kind of satisfies all your television senses. It’s sexy, it’s fun and it has a really sweet mix of different genres. If I were to use specific examples I would say that it’s a mix of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ with a little bit of ‘CSI’, a little bit of ‘True Blood,’ and on top of all of that, kind of like the icing on the cake, because its sexual content it has a taste of ‘A Secret Diary of A Call Girl.’ But I think all those combined make it what it is and what makes it so fun to watch.

How does your character Kenzi fit in to this world? How do you see her?

Ksenia Solo: Kenzi is pretty amazing because of the fact that her friendship with Bo, it’s opened up this whole new world for her and she enters this world without even blinking an eye. She enters this world and enters this friendship knowing that Bo is this rather dangerous creature. Kenzi is just a human. They come from complete opposite worlds, and yet something about the two of them works. Kenzi is forever loyal to Bo because they meet in this very dangerous set of circumstances and Bo saved Kenzi’s life and the friendship just grows from there.

Kenzi and Bo have a great chemistry. What’s it like working with Anna Silk?

Ksenia Solo: It’s great. We’re very lucky because in life we have great chemistry and creatively we have great chemistry. I always say that when you have to spend that much time with somebody you’re really not a lucky person if you guys don’t mesh in every way. So, it’s great. We’re kind of like husband and wife in a way because we’re always together and we’re always going through these adventures, both in life and on the show. So, it’s great. We’re very lucky.

U.S. audiences are getting the first season now. What do you think was the effect of bringing the series to Syfy?

Ksenia Solo: Well, ‘Lost Girl’ has been very successful in Canada. It’s been very successful all over the world. We’re lucky that we have fans in every part of the world which is really cool. Sometimes I get fan mail from Italy. Sometimes it’s from Australia, from England. So, the fact that so many different people get to watch it is really cool, and as far as I know Syfy audiences are taking to it very well. We’re just really excited. It’s a really exciting time for us.

The dialogue on the show is fresh and hilarious. I think your character has some of the best lines right now. Is that all the script or is there any ad lib?

Ksenia Solo: I adlib. Whether or not they always keep it in or not…sometimes they keep it in and sometimes they don’t. But if I’m truly inspired in the moment and feel the need to adlib I definitely don’t hold back.

What would you say is the flavor of season one and two?

Ksenia Solo: In season one we were really discovering who we were as a show, as all of our separate characters. Obviously, all of us actors knew that we’d gotten involved in something different than what we’ve all usually seen on TV. So, we were excited about that and we were really finding our footing.

And in season two things are just bigger, better, sexier, funner, if I can use funner as a word. As the season grows we obviously all start to get into our own trouble and that’s especially true for Kenzi who starts the series off as this girl that’s grown up on the streets and she’s a successful thief and is alone. She’s really alone in the world, and now she’s really grown and is getting into her own trouble.

She’s grown as a person and her fae wikipedia has definitely grown as well. In her own right she’s really becoming a warrior because she’s got to do everything else that these people have to do who have these wicked Fae powers and she’s just a human. She just has to rely on her mind and on her courage.

If you could be a Fae, what kind of Fae would you want to be?

Ksenia Solo: It’s so hard to pick. To be honest with you, if I was to have a power I’d want to use it for something good. If I could snap my fingers and have the ability to, lets say, stop a war. Like if I could just snap my fingers and everyone that was fighting, whether it be mentally or physically, if I could just turn that negative energy, or that evil, into something good and make people do something actually goofy instead.

Like if someone is gearing up to kill someone with a gun and all of a sudden instead they have a clown nose and are dancing as a clown, something as silly as that would be cool. Especially for Kenzi, I think that’s a good Kenzi power. She’d want to turn all that hate and evil into something super funny. If I could use funny somehow as a Fae power, that would be cool.

You never know with the third season, right?

Ksenia Solo: That’s true. I should use that as a quote.

‘Lost Girl’ was at Comic-Con last year. I know Anna was there. Did you go?

Ksenia Solo: No. Unfortunately I had to hold down the fort and work, but I was very sad. I would love to go to Comi-Con. So, hopefully somehow in the future someone else can hold down the fort. I want to come and have some fun.

Is this year a possibility for you?

Ksenia Solo: I hope so.

You in the ‘Locke & Key’ pilot as Dodge, the villain. I’m crushed that it was never picked up –

Ksenia Solo: You and me both.

Is there any hope that a network will pick it up at some point?

Ksenia Solo: I think it’s pretty phenomenal that the pilot was shown at Comic-Con. I know that it was shown both in San Diego and New York. I personally have never heard of that happening and I think it was pretty amazing that all these fans of the comic book got to see this pilot come to life. My hope from the very beginning was for this to have been a movie. I think it would’ve been an amazing feature film. So, I was kind of bummed about that, but I think that all of the cast is so passionate about that project.

I think in the back of all of our heads we really secretly hope that the journey for ‘Locke & Key’ is not completely shattered and that there is hope. I personally don’t know, but what I’ve heard just from the industry is that it’s very special and it would be a real shame if this project was just put on the shelf and never looked at again. I keep seeing little article and little rumors everywhere. So far there’s no good news, but with all my heart I hope that ‘Locke & Key’ lives again because it’s not everyday that you get a project that’s that special. I really think it was.

If you could guest star on any show on television, which one would it be?

Ksenia Solo: I’ll give one drama and one comedy, how’s that?

With drama, my dream would be to be involved with ‘Homeland.’ I think that show is just on a level all its own. I was so insanely happy when Claire Danes won her Emmy because she just blows my mind. I think the writing, the actors, the producers, everything about that show is just top tier. It just blows my mind. You can’t unglue me from the television. If there was a hurricane outside or a tornado or any natural disaster I don’t know if you could unglue me from my television when ‘Homeland’ is on.

A comedy that I would die happy if I could do it would be ‘New Girl.’ Again, the actors, they’re just phenomenal. Zooey Deschanel is like…I don’t even have the words, and then the fact that she’s a producer on the show just really makes me look up to her. I think it’s so hysterical and it makes me so happy to watch.

So, those are the two shows that I’m completely and utterly obsessed with right now and would by happy to get a chance to act on.

I just had an image of Kenzi being on ‘New Girl.’ A weird crossover, but interesting.

Ksenia Solo: I’ve already thought about it.

So, Schmidt, he’s at home and he’s watching TV and he turns on Syfy and he’s watching ‘Lost Girl’ and he totally falls in love with ‘Lost Girl’ and of course he totally falls in love with Kenzi and he hears about this fan expo happening and he goes to the fan expo and he meets me or Kezi – I don’t know – or he gets trapped in some Fae world. I think it can happen. If we start a campaign for this maybe we can make it happen.

It’s so awesome that you have this all thought out.

Ksenia Solo: Oh, you have no idea.


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