Project Runway “O! Say, Can You Sew?” Review

Austin kicks off the episode saying what a lot of us at home are thinking – Kara should be there instead of Jerell and Mila.

As should Rami…

As should Anthony…

Alas, we are left with Austin and Mondo as our last glimmer of hope that this season of Project Runway All Stars has not been a complete and utter waste of our time.

This week, the contestants were asked to design an outfit based on flags from various countries.

Surprise, surprise! Kenley is back to polka dots again. Jerell is creating another costume comprised of numerous people – none of whom has any good fashion sense. In fact, the most interesting thing from the design room was learning the extent to which Joanna Coles hates dresses that do not allow women to wear bras.

Like Mondo, I do not understand why or how Kenley is still in the competition after sending the same style down the runway week after week after week. Even more frustrating is that we have yet to see the judges take her to task for her uninspired designs.

Michael continues to entertain for all the wrong reasons. Really, Michael? You’re questioning Austin’s look as you put the finishing touches on what looks like a dress fresh out of a Miss World pageant?

Notes from the runway…

Jerell (India): Jerell’s costume design looked like three women trapped in a single disaster. When I was younger, I used to love to run through the sheets in my aunt’s backyard as they hung outside on the clothing line to dry. Jerell’s model looked like she ran through the sheets in someone’s backyard and got tangled up in a tacky green curtain.

Kenley (Chile): I simply did not get it.

Austin (Seychelles): I love Austin but this was a big wrinkly, draped nightmare. I give Austin credit for choosing the most challenging set of colors but it simply did not come together in the end. Even at his worst, however, it was still better than the last few designs Jerell sent down the runway.

Mondo (Jamaica): Loved his sleek, black jersey dress. It was very Victoria Beckham-like.

Mila (New Guinea): At least she owned the fact that she was going for several looks in one design. I’m looking at you Jerell. Mila still stuck with the color blocking but the dress was not her usual 60s-inspired look. I’m not sure what time period that dress represented – if such a time period exists at all.

Michael (Greece): White toga + tacky blue and silver bow = pageant dress from the front. From the back, it was something straight out of J-Lo’s closet.

It was refreshing to see Isaac FINALLY call Kenley out on sending the same designs down the runway. This all star season has truly made me miss Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. I don’t agree with them all the time but they certainly do a much better job at judging than this current panel. I am still trying to understand how Isaac “got communism” from a dress.

It was great to see Mondo pick up another win. Farewell Mila!

What did you think about the United Nations-inspired episode of Project Runway All Stars? Do you think we will ever be rid of Jerell?