Private Practice “Andromeda” Review

It was good to see at least a little emotional fall-out for Mason and his mom in the wake of her surgery. It would be more than Private Practice levels of unrealistic to have her recover from near fatal brain surgery over night.

The announcement that Amelia is five months pregnant with Ryan’s baby is a good emotional twist, and while I can buy she wouldn’t necessarily notice hormone changes in her body if she were two or three months along after all her drug abuse, wouldn’t physical changes start to be noticeable to others, especially with all the expectant and hopeful mothers floating around the office for comparison? And poor Sheldon, the glutton for punishment comes back to offer his sad list of ways he can be helpful as Amelia thinks about the baby of the man she loves aka not Sheldon. You can practically hear the voice in his head saying somewhere between offering babysitting and hand-holding, and I can marry you and you’ll fall in love with me and pretend the baby is mine, why aren’t the babies ever mine?! Amelia is right about one thing, it’s going to be messy to tell baby hungry Addison about her accidental kind of unwanted pregnancy.

Corine’s mania was scary to watch, though not quite as upsetting as watching Addison’s jealousy over the attention Sam is giving her. A grown woman probably shouldn’t be jealous of a sick woman trying to get back on her feet with the help of her brother. It was a really sad moment when Corine could still see the stars in her hospital bed, but it does look like now he’ll be convinced to get her the help she needs.

Violet and Pete’s in limbo relationship might technically seem like it’s moving towards a resolution since Violet had confessed she wants to at least try to make the marriage work, but he seems just as cold as ever. You shouldn’t kind of shrug when your wife confesses she wants her family back, you should either seem enthused or gently but firmly let her down, letting her build up false hope or needlessly feel ungrounded isn’t right.

The patient story of the week, an old favorite on Private Practice by now; do you endanger one kid to save another (the answer always seems to be yes) was only made new and interesting when Addison decided to tell them it was the decision to go ahead with the dangerous procedure that saved both babies lives. Sure the couple seemed to be firmly in tearful happy resolution mode and the woman fighting the surgery was all to happy to give credit to the partner who was for it, couldn’t it easily have worked out that the original surgery supporter got angry at the thought the other woman’s fearful hesitance could have cost them both their children? It seemed like a really unnecessary secret to divulge, when you have great news like both you and your babies are going to be fine, I think you should just leave it at that.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Amelia keep the baby?