Luck “Episode Five” Review

The fifth week of Luck spent a great deal of time focusing on relationships. Whether personal or professional, these relationships all come with their own set of struggles and problems because these characters do not know how to have normal, functional relationships. In fact, most of the main characters find more comfort in talking to a horse than talking to another person. However, it’s this high degree of dysfunction that provides some of the more interesting, funnier, and entertaining moments of the series.

One person that we learned a lot about this week was Marcus. For starters, we got more details about his health both past and present. High falls and cardiomyopathies aside, the most fascinating part of the episode was watching Marcus attempt to get a grip on his relationship with Jerry. The idea of caring for another man is so foreign to him that he thinks he must be gay because he worries about Jerry so much. Granted, Marcus’s homosexual concerns arose from a Valium induced state, but it was still interesting to watch a man struggle with a basic human connection. It’s quite telling when he reveals to his doctor that his number one confidant is a horse. At least he has someone.

Ace is another person who struggled to make a human connection this week. While he has a close confidant in Gus, Gus’s intellectual struggles limits the depth of that connection. However, he has a promising relationship building with Joan Allen’s Claire Lachay. Right now, he is limiting himself to donating to her charity (which may or may not have been for money-laundering purposes), and spending some time together at the track. There is a twinkle in their eyes, but the affection is limited. Instead of Ms. Lachay, Ace saves his affections for his injured horse, Pint of Pain, which ran in, and won, it’s first race this week.

Despite strong performances by Marcus and Ace, the week really belonged to Escalante. He was a tour de force of paranoia, genius, underhandedness, and humor. I understand Escalante’s frustrations: I, too, have trouble distinguishing between Dr. Phil and Judge Judy. Still, his frustration stemming from his interactions with Ace show a man who defiantly refuses to let people see who he really is. The fact that Ace may have him pegged is very troubling to him. In addition to Ace, Jo seems to have a pretty good handle on Escalante as well. At least he gets to have sex with Jo.

Though our various characters are tied to each other through a variety of means, it remains clear that no one trusts the person beside them. In a world with so many back room machinations, perhaps the characters are right to not trust anyone. I imagine we will find out very soon.

Some Quick Hits:

1. Joey had a rough week. So rough that he started cold-calling his ex-wife and leaving some fairly desperate sounding voicemails. Put down the phone Joey, that doesn’t lead anywhere good.

2. How much money does Jerry have? He dropped nearly 300K at the poker tables, but doesn’t bat an eye when he gives 1,000 so Kagle can get back on his feet. How much is $2.7 million/4 – taxes – $268,000? Someone crunch the numbers on that for me.

3. Quote from the Czarina: “Dustin Hoffman is really short.” Yes, he is, my dear. Yes, he is.

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The TV Czar