Being Human (UK) “A Spectre Calls” Review

In this week’s Being Human, ‘A Spectre Calls’, the trio get some supernatural help with the baby courtesy of Nina. Or at least that’s what the ghostly babysitter, Kirby, tells them. But over the course of a single day, Kirby works to break the trio apart as part of his real aim: killing Eve.

He’s aided in his quest by Tom’s complete lack of awareness when it comes to supposedly ‘normal’ family activities, such as celebrating birthdays; Hal’s distress about his past and the upset the knowledge of it may bring to Annie; and Annie’s insecurities. Kirby even succeeds in destabilising Annie enough that she disappears into the ether — only to come back again later and badass him out of existence.

Annie really does have atrocious taste in men, doesn’t she? I’m not sure I buy Annie accepting Kirby over the course of a single day, despite Nina’s alleged endorsement. And we can see that Annie trusts Hal with Eve, so even if she did feel the need to kick him out after he went vamp-face, surely she should have been more concerned with why he flipped out, especially when Kirby was in the room. Long story short: I’m suspending disbelief (well, you know, more than usual).

I still absolutely adore Tom and Hal. I spent most of the episode saying ‘aww’ whenever Tom came on screen, especially when we first saw him with his wall of photo clippings. It’s impossible not to feel bad for Tom since he will likely never have the type of ‘normal’ life he craves, even if he has got a maternal Annie and a kid to dote on like a big brother/father figure. At least he got his birthday cake and candles in the end. Bless.

Is Hal breaking anyone else’s heart? It’s impossible not to compare him to Mitchell. As much as I adored Mitchell’s angsting about his past, it was nowhere as sad as Hal’s angsting. Which is strange, really, since Hal is supposed to be the vampire teetering on the edge of going all out crazypants, but compared to Mitchell he’s not really all that worrisome. The way he was getting teary-eyed this week, I’d be more worried about him harming himself.

There were two things I wasn’t really feeling this week (ignoring the bit about Annie and Kirby above). Firstly, the guy with the burnt arm who wants to kill Eve. As far as prophecies go, it’s not bad, but it’s already turning into another ‘wolf-shaped bullet’. Have we all forgotten how that mystery absolutely consumed series 3? Secondly, Hal’s arm being burnt by Tom’s blood was not only vaguely reminiscent of The Vampire Diaries (where a werewolf bite burns away at the vampire’s flesh while slowly killing them), but it turns Hal into George in this wolf-shaped bullet comparison. Are we going to spend the next four episodes waiting to see if he’ll try to kill Eve?

There was one really intriguing side storyline this week. The newspapers reported that the guy framed for the Box Tunnel 20 massacre had human flesh in his stomach. This is, of course, a lie (since the BT20 massacre was courtesy of Mitchell and Daisy), so Hal goes in search of the truth. He learns that the coroner was intimidated by a vampire. While Hal doesn’t find out who the vampire was, we do: Cutler. It’s not surprising that the vampires want to cover their arses and claiming the murders were committed by a cannibal is twisted but not surprising. There must be a reason for it being brought back to the fore in this episode, though. The question is, why?

Next week sees the return of the hilarious teenaged vampire, Adam, who turns up at Honolulu Heights with his, uh, girlfriend…

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