30 Rock “Leap Day” Review

It’s Leap Day on 30 Rock!

To begin, flashbacks into Liz Lemon’s past are always deeply disturbing yet hilarious. However, flashbacks into Jack’s past are equally as disturbing but not always as funny as the trips down Lemon memory lane. It begs the question – who wins the prize for the most disturbing past?

Jenna is still on her “sexual walkabout” and frequenting gold digger message boards to find rich men to enjoy her hall pass. You would think that this is a creature of the fictional 30 Rock world but message boards of these types are real people. I had a friend in law school who frequented them quite often and as I type this it is dawning on me that she is pretty Jenna-like. Does that make me Liz? I do use my elliptical as a rack on which to hang clothes and I share her passion for Pringles as we observed a few episodes ago. I’m off on another 30 Rock-induced tangent. Back to “Leap Day.”

Leap Day is a pretty big deal on 30 Rock. It is a day marked by parties thrown by billionaires, people wearing blue and yellow and a visit from Kenneth Leap Day William, who exchanges children’s tears for candy. You know Leap Day is a big deal when even Jack is getting in on the games. This is just a 30 Rock thing, right? Am I missing out on a random reason for partying and more importantly, candy? Is it true that nothing on Leap Day counts?

Finding a $50,000 Benihana gift card is a Leap Day miracle! I would gladly accept the challenge to help Tracy use his card but it was nice to see Tracy find a charitable way to be sure he did not let his gift card go to waste. I must ask, however, why didn’t Tracy just buy another gift card with a new expiration date?

The Indecent Proposal of Liz Lemon was pretty funny. I loved her “slut off” with Jenna, mostly because of Liz’s ridiculous shirt.

What I did not enjoy about this episode was the random use of Jim Carrey. 30 Rock already has a reputation for relying on too many celebrity cameo appearances to draw in viewers. I’m not a fan and certainly do not watch the show to see Jim Carrey portray a character in a fictional movie or to see Kelsey Grammer playing Abe Lincoln. Enough already!

What did you think about Leap Day? Any plans to take advantage of the day on which nothing counts?