A Gifted Man “In Case of Letting Go” Review

This week’s A Gifted Man was ‘In Case of Letting Go’, the penultimate episode of season 1. It was all about letting go of the past and embracing new beginnings, which in theory is a pretty good thing. But I have one question: what the hell was all that about?

I don’t mean literally. It was a very simple episode to understand; any subtlety or nuance went completely out of the window. The writing was quite simply atrocious: from Scotty being the obnoxious best friend (who’s a drummer, of course) to Lily’s ridiculously cliche and on the nose dialogue (beginning with the classic ‘but I’m only X age’ line), it was painful to watch. The only saving grace was the acting which, as always, was great.

The two big things this episode — aside from the cases — was E-Mo learning about Anna’s supernatural existence and Michael kissing Kate.

I’m not sure I would be quite as accepting as E-Mo — at least not immediately — if I caught one of my friends shouting at thin air and claiming it’s the ghost of his ex. Even if you believe in ghosts and even if your friend has done tests to find an actual reason for his apparent delusions, surely you insist on more tests or at least talking at length about the situation before you say ‘then it’s a ghost and you should listen to it’.

I wasn’t expecting the kiss between Michael and Kate to come this week, if at all this season, but it wasn’t awful. Well, Kate’s cliched rambling was awful, as was the cheesy music after the kiss. And the slo-mo when they looked at each other in the final scene was horrible, but the kiss was okay. That’s something, right?

I really hope next week’s season finale gets back to the show’s usual quality. It’d be a shame to see the first season of A Gifted Man end on a note as low as this.

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