Up All Night “First Birthday” Review

For us, it’s only been a few months, but for Regan and Chris it’s been a year, and in “First Birthday,” this week’s episode of Up All Night, it’s time to celebrate 365 days of Amy. It should have been a fantastic party, but thanks to Chris and his inability to say no, it ends up being a double event with the annoying couple down the street, and Chris and Regan have the dubious honor of playing host.

Of course, they get stuck with rude guests and missing clowns and their washing machine gets hijacked by a stranger who claims to just be washing out her son’s pants, and by the end of the day, even Chris is ready to put his foot down and kick everyone out.

Meanwhile, Ava, who has always thought she’s Amy godmother as Chris wasn’t able to tell her otherwise in the hospital, learns that Chris’s sister is the real godparent. It’s a striking blow, not just to Ava’s ego, but I think to her heart. She is reminded that while she might not hold the official title, she is much more a part of Amy’s life than her real godmother, and that seems to be good enough for Ava, even if it means she has to change the occasional diaper. A far cry from the woman who bought Amy a coin purse months earlier.

There was also some dispute about Amy’s first word. Regan thinks it was mama while Chris thinks it was dada. Ava, obviously, believes it’s Ava, and proving that some thing never change, neither one of them have the heart to tell her otherwise.

While I still continue to find great and funny things about every episode, they are starting to run together a bit. I like spending this half-hour with them, and Amy just gets cuter and cuter every week, but I think I want a little more conflict or something. It just seems that every episode ends with Chris and Regan working through their quirks and living happily ever after til the next mini-crisis.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!