The Big Bang Theory “The Werewolf Transformation” Review

When Sheldon’s barber ended up in the hospital in “The Werewolf Transformation,” this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon had to make a huge decision: let someone else cut his hair or let it grow wild?

Of course, “wild” to Sheldon is a milimeter’s worth of growth which he kept hilariously trying to flick out of his eyes throughout the episode. Jim Parsons is a genius at physical comedy as addition to being a master at the dead-pan delivery of even the most outrageous lines.

The crux of his problem, however, wasn’t the fact that his hair was going wild, but the fact that six days past the time he should have had it cut, nothing bad had happened. Suddenly he realized that all of his rigid schedules and OCD-esque behavior might not matter a hill of beans. His world was crumbling around him, leading to anarchy such as Tuesday pajamas being worn on a day other than Tuesday and the bongos being played at three a.m., much to Leonard and Penny’s despair.

It’s interesting to note that he never really made the full circle back to his usual state of mind. Eventually, he allowed Penny to cut his hair, although judging by why happened when he got ticklish and moved, he’ll never let anyone touch his hair ever again. Still, there was no moment when he realized that he should revert to his bowel movement chart. I suspect that will happen off-screen, but perhaps this might have been a moment of character growth.

Still, don’t expect to see him satisfying his girlfriend anytime soon. I’m starting to think that Amy’s creepy Penny crush is simply a transference of her frustration over her asexual relationship with Sheldon. Translation: girl needs to get laid. Badly.

Meanwhile, Howard finally headed off for astronaut training in Houston, but, as expected, quickly found himself overwhelmed by the physical demands. Zero-gravity made him puke, the centrifuge made him run through his entire supply of underwear and survival training ended with him spooning an armadillo in the desert. He needed some TLC, but when Bernadette arrived to take care of him, she found that his mother was already there. I hope Mama Wolowitz is training for the mission, too. Howard might not be able to stretch his umbilical cord all the way to the International Space Station.

It was a very funny episode, that even referred back to one of my favorite episodes of all time, the one where Sheldon took Penny to the hospital after she dislocated her shoulder in the bath tub. I always love to see good continuity on a TV show.

Best Lines:

Howard: Could you do me a favor and overnight me some more underwear?
Bernadette: Sure. Why?
Howard: Well, I got a look at the centrifuge they’re gonna spin me around in tomorrow and I have a hunch I packed a little light.

Howard: I ate a butterfly!

Amy: He showed up in the middle of the night with his bongos. I foolishly thought it was some sort of musical booty call.

Sheldon: Thank you for letting me sleep on your couch.
Amy: Well, there’s only so many times a woman can say “how about the bed?”

Leonard: (to Penny) What’s this about Sheldon seeing you naked?
Sheldon: Oh, relax; it was only her bottom and breasts.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!