Parks and Recreation “Sweet Sixteen” Review

You all know that I’m an advocate of Parks and Recreation and have been since the show started on NBC. That said, “Sweet Sixteen” (so named because it is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season) lacked in the humor and over all plot advancement and was just a disappointing episode all around.

Parks and Rec is really playing into Leslie’s campaign, and while this is understandable, it is also something that we’ve seen for the last, well, fifteen episodes. At this point we understand that Leslie is spread thin and wondering how she’s going to manager her work and the Parks Department in addition to her campaign roll-out. I like a Leslie freak out as much as the next person, but campaign freak out has that “been there, done that” vibe to it. It was interesting to find out that Leslie will only be working part time if elected, so the Parks Department won’t lose her for good to political office.

Even the sub-story lines, which can normally save a faltering episode of Parks and Recreation didn’t do a lot this week. Chris and Andy are fun to watch because they’re such opposites and Chris’ heartbreak after being dumped and Andy helping him through his depression were the best moments of “Sweet Sixteen”.

The Tom and Ann story line is one that needs to end and end quickly. They don’t like each other, they’re obnoxious bickering is testing the boundaries of my patience, and they aren’t even really that funny any more. At first it was interesting to see the two play off of each other, but now it’s just obvious that Parks and Rec is attempting to inject humor where there is none. It leads me to a “why am I even watching this plot line” thought – which I don’t like to have during Parks and Recreation.

Other thoughts about “Sweet Sixteen”:

  • Lack of Ben! He wasn’t present at all!
  • Poor Jerry. Even on his birthday he’s ignored!
  • Ron was great talking to Leslie about juggling her commitments. He saved as much as he could in the episode.
  • Hopefully this was just a weak episode and Parks and Rec will return to the show that we know and fell in love with at the beginning.

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