I Just Want My Pants Back “Something’s Wrong Down There” Review

I really don’t know how going to a free clinic can be more uncomfortable then having your friend examine your suspected STD. Tina is going to have to hang out with Eric, have dinner and watch movies and play scrabble all the while knowing he was been about two inches from her inflamed crotch. That has to make things at least a little awkward.It does show that this is a new generation of TV characters because Jason doesn’t get grossed out or particularly freaked out as his best girl friend talks about her “down there” troubles, he just takes it in stride and accompanies her to get checked out. A thirty or forty something on TV would have left the breakfast table looking a little green and avoided the friend for the rest of the episode.

I loved that Eric thought about getting a third opinion on Tina’s rash when he realized his second opinion is flunking out of med school, but shouldn’t the fact that the first wrong diagnosis was his own give him pause about his own medical expertise? I also don’t understand why neither person he went to for advice balked at the fact he had a picture of the patients problem on his phone. That just seems like a dangerous place to put such a picture. What if he accidentally texted it to someone? Stranger smart phone missteps have happened. The important thing is the news that she’s disease free but should probably wear some sweat pants for a while reached Tina before she could end things permanently with the entertaining hipster but after she terrified the poor ex-version or explained the situation through a condiment doodle. I think maybe everyone who has to tell one of their old sex partners they should get themselves tested should do it that way, food pictionary really lightens the mood.

While I understand the fact that he was technically becoming a male prostitute might be concerning to Jason, I don’t know why he was overlooking her weird cleaning fetishes. When he talked about her he described her as hot and nice and mostly normal, apparently forgetting she first came at him because he smelled like wood cleaner and that she made him use hand sanitizer on his chest. That’s just super weird. I also don’t understand why the realization she had slept with Lench when he was the one cleaning her house made him more adamant that he should make sure he wasn’t getting paid for sex but still willing to take her out on a date. What detail about a girl would make him want to avoid her?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Was Jason right to speak up about the payment for sex?