Supernatural Thursdays: How SPN has Ruined all Other TV Shows for Me

Mark Pellegrino as Nick / Lucifer in SUPERNATURAL

It’s no secret that I watch a lot of TV. I mean I write reviews for this website, by that admission alone you know that I spend more than a few hours a week sitting on my couch watching the boob tube.

But if you read this column then you also know that my favorite of all of those various shows is of course Supernatural. The problem with it being my favorite though, is the fact that no matter how much TV I watch, no matter how many comedies, dramas and sci fi shows I load on my DVR every week, I am constantly thinking of Supernatural while I watch them.

Supernatural is so much on my mind that I often do one of two things when watching other TV shows. I either compare whatever show it is to Supernatural, or I find myself thinking I’m watching SPN for a few seconds and wondering why things don’t happen the way they do in the Winchester world.

Basically this show has ruined all other TV for me, and here are a few reasons why:

I can’t respect a character who hasn’t died at least twice

Dean - Supernatural

Supernatural is hardly the first show to have main characters die and come back. But I’d lay bets that they must have some sort of record for how many times a character had died. I’m sure someone out there has an LJ page devoted to this, so I’ll abstain from trying to count it up, but I know it’s a lot.

So now when I watch other shows and a character is in mortal danger, I find myself shrugging it off. Sometimes I forget that not ALL television shows take place in a world where multiple people can die, go to Hell, be blown to bits and come back..well, maybe not smiling, but at least to tell the tale.

I don’t trust dead bodies

SUPERNATURAL - Jensen Ackles as Dean in "Ghostfacers"

On any “normal” TV show, a dead body is usually pretty final. Someone is dead, then they’re story is over, except maybe in flashbacks. But because SPN has demons that can animate bodies that should be dead, ghosts that look like their own rotted corpses, and the occasional zombie; I feel myself not trusting dead bodies on other TV shows.

Not too long ago I was watching an episode of Hawaii Five-0 and found that I was waiting for the body in one scene to get up and start attacking one of the main characters. This is not normal, right?

I search all suspects on other shows for supernatural qualities

Mark Pellegrino as Nick / Lucifer in SUPERNATURAL

Some of my other favorite TV shows are procedural cop dramas. Say what you want about them, but I like the team camaraderie, the mystery and the action that are in most of them. Trouble is, when I watch them, I can’t help but to look for characters who have, shall we say, otherworldly qualities about them. I look for black eyes, an aversion to silver and iron, and to see if they balk when going out in bright sunlight.

I mean these are the types of things the guys search for a on a hurt, right? Why wouldn’t those aspects be useful in a hunt for a murderer?

I only love characters who drive muscle cars

Supernatural Dean Impala

I’ve mentioned it in other articles before, but for those who don’t know, Supernatural did not begin my love of classic cars. That began as a child. But what it did do, was give me a show that put a lot of attention on a classic car. Even though Baby is gone for the moment (*whimpers*), she’s still had an influence on how I watch other TV shows.

Now luckily, there are quite a few classic cars on TV, which is awesome. But there’s no doubt that if a main character drives a normal car, I have a hard time respecting them.


So what about you folks? Has Supernatural ruined all other TV for you, too? If so, sound off in the comments below and share how.

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