Royal Pains “This One’s For Jack” Review

Royal Pains

In the season finale for Royal Pains, called “This One’s For Jack,” Hank does his best to pretend that everything is okay. He tells his friends and family that he’s fine, that Jack doesn’t want a funeral and that everyone should just move on. Trouble is our little Panky isn’t fine. He’s angry and he’s sad and until he finally admits that, he starts lashing out at his patients.

When Hank does eventually admit to himself and everyone else how badly he’s hurting over the loss of his friend, he can finally start to heal. I was happy to see that the way he chose to do that was by celebrating Jack’s life and taking everyone out for a round of golf. I’m sure that’s exactly what Jack would have wanted.

While Hank is coming to terms with Jack’s sudden death, things are moving along for HankMed. Boris’ cousin Claudette brings back a long standing tradition by coming to Boris for money to start up a business – a business that could benefit HankMed. Evan of course is right on board with the medical gadgets but Hank is reluctant. Hank has always been reluctant when it comes to commercializing HankMed, but I think that his reaction to it this time was a little overboard and probably connected to how he was still feeling about Jack.

Hank and Evan get into an argument that ends with both of them going their separate ways, which was shocking mostly because it happened so fast. At least we only have to wait a few months to find out what’s going to happen next and once again, I find myself looking forward to summer. Funny how a few great TV shows can take the season I used to hate the most (I’m not a big fan of heat) and turn it into something I look forward to every year.

My favorite bits..

Jack’s cap sitting on the counter in Hank’s kitchen.

The way that Evan called Hank “Henry” when he started talking to him about Jack. I don’t know why, but that struck me hard. Like it would be Evan’s way of telling Hank that he was serious.

Hank telling them all that Jack’s will prevented moping as well. That would be so like Jack.

Hank giving the older brother a dressing down for not taking care of his little brother. Whoa.

Poor Hank thinking that he saw Jack walking down the street. As someone who just lost a good friend recently, I can totally understand that. It’s amazing how you start thinking you see them everywhere.

Evan giving Paige the frame with his pictures in it. Aw.

Yeah I’m with Evan, Paige totally needs a raincoat for England. Though the week I went there was sunniest they had in years. Go figure.

Evan talking about how Hank dealt with their mom’s death and how he wanted to start taking on some responsibility too.

Hank demanding a set visit for the boys’ “little movie.”

Poor Hank watching that video of Jack and trying to smile. Ugh, again I so know how that feels. Hank is killing me in this episode.

Jill admitting that she felt guilty about Jack, too.

Divya reassuring Evan that the shirt was safe…well, 90% sure.

Evan in that shirt.

Hank yelling at the kid… but actually yelling at Jack. Oh, Hank.

Hank finally admitting how he really feels about Jack. That mix of pain, anger and grief..boy did Mark pull that off perfectly.

The group playing a round of golf to celebrate Jack’s life, and Hank wearing his cap. Awwwww.

“Hey, what are you guys yapping about over there?”
“Sorry, Divya was hitting on me. It was very awkward for everyone.”

Evan’s relief when Divya insulted him with one of her patented zingers.

Hank remembering what Jack told him, hitting off a perfect shot, and tipping his cap to his friend. *wipes away some more tears*

That whole final fight between Hank and Evan. Wow.

Hank going to Jill and Evan going to VanDyke to talk about jobs. Double Wow!

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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