Grey’s Anatomy “If Only You Were Lonely” Review

Zola’s hair wasn’t that bad. To me whether or not Zola’s hair would warrant enough weird looks to catch Derek’s attention was the central issue of “If Only You Were Lonely.” She’s a one-year old with messy, slightly un-done pigtails, one year olds with perfectly neat hair aren’t playing enough. That said, Derek going after what he perceived as racism in the woman giving him a weird look was kind of awesome. You don’t mess with Dr. Sheppard’s kid. It was also funny to see Sloan rattle off some Spanish in the hope it’ll some day connect him to his daughter. Sophia is going to have way more identity issues than just racial or cultural identity. Some day her parents are going to have to explain to her that she was conceived while her moms were on a break and one of them found solace with her sex buddy/Sophia’s father. That’s five years of guaranteed therapy right there.

The ambiguity about Owen’s affair/non-affair was frustrating and intriguing. On the one hand, we were made to think the affair is all in Christina’s head because her patient’s flirtation with his barista was all in his head, and a Grey’s Anatomy rule is the patient’s troubles must mirror those of the doctors so they can give themselves and their patients the same pep talk to save time. On the other hand signs like Owen approving the nurse’s strange schedule change and his mysterious late night seem to add up to an affair. Seeing jealous, paranoid Cristina scrambling for clues among Owen’s things was almost as sad as seeing last season’s broken PTSD suffering Cristina. She should be worrying (or be vocally not worried) about her boards.

The fact that Richard has to put his wife in a home is sad, but it’s good that she was lucid enough to make the decision for herself, that way Richard can feel less guilty about it. It will have to be weird to start visiting her just as he visited Ellis through. Also, I guess it can be hard to react correctly in such a stressful situation as finding your wife has set your kitchen on fire, but why would he had grabbed the pot before grabbing something to put out the flames? That’s just poor planning.

It was nice to see another tough Alex becomes sweet Alex story line when he convinces his intern to advocate for her child and when he teaches Lexie premies can go on to lead healthy lives and that’s why they have to fight so hard for them. I wasn’t sure what was happening between Alex’s intern and the baby’s dad though. When she told him to leave, was she breaking off their engagement too? Was the engagement a result of the pregnancy and therefore a mistake as he categorized the pregnancy, or did they make the decision to marry independent of their child? I hope Grey’s stays with the story line long enough for us to see if the baby pulls through.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Is Owen really cheating on Cristina or is it all in her head?