White Collar “Stealing Home” Review

White Collar (USA) Stealing Home

Tim DeKay directed this episode of White Collar, called “Stealing Home”, which was appropriate seeing as how the story took place at Yankee Stadium and both Peter and Tim himself played baseball. Turns out that Peter played briefly for the major leagues, but had to make a choice when it came down to him ruining his arm for good, which would have meant him not becoming an FBI agent.

The reason the boys end up at Yankee Stadium is to catch a man named Taylor who is a pro himself – a pro con man. He’s the type of guy who Neal may have become (or still could become, depending on your point of view), if Peter had never caught him. Taylor puts together a crew to steal a priceless baseball and of course Neal is set to infiltrate the gang. But before he gets in, Mozzie makes his way on to the team and asks him to play the game for real. Neal wisely says no but his choice to keep Mozzie in the gang backfires when they don’t end up catching Taylor in the end, just one of his flunkies.

Meanwhile, Kramer and his cronies are trying to gather any evidence they can to keep Neal from going free after his upcoming commutation hearing. They’ve even gone so far as to pull his old letters and find a code in them. Peter has a chance to tell Neal about it, but holds back and it’s clear he’s still unsure if Neal should go free or not. If he does lose his anklet will he run for the hills? I wish I could say for sure that I knew he wouldn’t but we can see that Neal is still tempted by his old life and I don’t think even he knows what will happen the day he no longer has an electronic ball and chain.

My favorite bits..

“Mozz is more of an imp than a devil.”

Neal pointing out to Peter that what he said at the hearing was going to carry the most weight.

Diana coming out and telling Peter exactly what Kramer told her about Neal, and being willing to risk her career to do it.

“You won’t have to, it’ll be like we’re really doing the job.”
“Yeah without the fun.”
“Or the threat of prison.”
“As I said.”

Neal’s look when Peter said they needed to see the museum for themselves.

Neal calling Peter “slugger” and then giving him permission to keep looking around. So fun to see Peter acting like a big kid.

Peter describing watching Yankee games with his dad. Aw.

Peter and Neal arguing the merits of art versus baseball.

Everyone reacting to Mozzie being in the surveillance photos.

Peter finding out that Neal never told Sara about his commutation hearing.

Neal’s “interview” over a pool table.

Neal admitting to Sara the reason why he didn’t tell her about the commutation hearing.

Neal and Sara sitting down to have a real talk.

Oooh..always enjoy Neal in a little leather jacket.

Neal and Elizabeth sharing a look before Peter came down the stairs. Even before he started hollering about her being a tigress, I knew that they were both smiling for the same reason. LOL.

Neal finding out that Peter played pro ball.

Pulling up “I Go To Work” on Youtube…..and thinking that song is so NOT Peter. LOL.

You know, Taylor might be a thief but I admire his integrity and his refusal to have guns involved

“Neal, if the Feds can’t hear us this may turn into the last 10 minutes of a Tarantino film.” – You know, I was totally thinking the same thing.

Mozzie coming up with a reasonable explanation for the two red stitches. Whew.

LOL! Nice Reservoir Dogs walk. Mozzie is so Mr. Pink, but man oh man I hope Neal’s not Mr. Orange (even though I loved him the most, his story didn’t exactly end well).

Mozzie’s attempt at French.

Peter trusting his instincts and pulling off the stitching on the ball. Yay Neal and yay Peter.

Peter figuring out exactly what Mozzie did.

Neal giving Peter his rookie card and then bringing him out to pitch on the mound at Yankee stadium.

OMG! They got Kool Moe Dee to redo the song?? Okay I was wrong, that song totally does work for Peter. LOL.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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