Survivor: One World “Total Dysfunction” Review

Is it just me, or does Survivor: One World feel like a totally different show now? When “Total Dysfunction” started out, we were introduced to a new wrinkle in the one world game: There’s no more “Manono getting their first look at the new Salani tribe”. One of the tribes comes back from tribal, and all the other tribe needs to do is walk over to see who got voted out. Weird.

It’s also an interesting change in the Survivor formula that any tribe member can walk over to the other tribe and talk to them if they want to. Case in point: Colton. Man, is this kid terrible or what? He’s whiny, cloying, and clingy. Plus, he’s completely useless as a strategizer. I find it genuinely insulting that Jonas even mentioned him in the same breath as Russell Hantz. Say what you will about Russell, but he wouldn’t walk around camp and throw hissy fits, completely alienating himself from his tribe. Also, don’t use the whole “He’s gay” excuse for his heightened emotional state. Todd Herzog was an openly gay contestant in Survivor: China, and he won the whole darn thing! Not to mention Richard Hatch!

It does look like Colton may not have much to worry about, though, as the girls just can’t seem to win a challenge. You’d think the knot untying would be an equal opportunity challenge, but nope. You’d also think the girls might have an advantage in the beam-walking challenge with their smaller, petite bodies. Nuh-uh. My main concern when I heard that the tribes would be split between boys and girls was that the men would dominate all of the physical challenges, and it looks like that was a valid concern. Maybe more of the future challenges will be more mental, so hopefully the women can start redeeming themselves.

That brings us to tribal, and man these all-girl tribals are still tough to watch. I was a little disappointed that everybody threw Kat under the bus for jumping off the beam. Sure it was dumb, and it was an airhead move, but they were already getting crushed! It isn’t like she just jumped into the water out of the blue, she only jumped in when her other teammates fell in! Also, Nina’s final argument was a little stupid. You have more life experience than Kat? Who cares? What life experience can a 13 year LAPD officer bring to the middle of the freaking jungle? You’re all out of your element! Good riddance, Nina.

With the girls down two, it’ll be interesting to see how challenges are done from now on. Eventually, the men will either have to sit out half their tribe, or they’ll give some of their team members to the girls. Possibly Colton? We’ll see!

Random Thoughts:

– Man, it’s like Nina looks worse and worse with every passing minute! I honestly think she’d fit in better in the men’s tribe.

– I honestly think I would have owned in the knot untying challenge. I’ve unravelled so many video game controller cords in my day, I consider myself somewhat of an expert.

– I bet Monica was regretting those implants when she could barely fit around her tribe mates on the beam.