Ringer “Whore’s Don’t Make That Much” Review

As most of you that read my Ringer reviews know, I’m one foot (okay, maybe almost two feet) out the door with this show. “Whore’s Don’t Make that Much” didn’t do anything to help my failing love for the CW Drama, and I’ll tell you why.

Somewhere along the line the Ringer writers lost their sense of subtly and the ability to let the audience infer anything from their writing. The last several episodes (right around episode 9) have been all about cramming as much information and action into the episode, never minding if it actually makes any sense or not.

For crying out loud, Misha Collins (Supernatural) guest starring couldn’t even make this episode of Ringer hold my interest.

So, Malcolm has apparently been working at Andrew’s firm, which Siobhan is not thrilled about. She convinces Henry to withdraw all of his money from Andrew’s investments and then tells her sort of lover that he needs to stay “on top” of Malcolm.

Meanwhile, Bridget is working through some serious issues with Siobhan’s ex – Dylan (Collins). Through some flashbacks in which, through the use of wood paneling and other such atrocities in their apartment, we are supposed to figure out that Bridget and Siobhan were pretty poor and not living the high life that Siobhan was rocking when the pair saw each other again.

We also learn that Siobhan had a son, Sean, with Dylan. Apparently the kid was killed in a car crash and now Dylan is back and really wants nothing to do with Bridget (who he thinks is Siobhan) and makes that perfectly clear until the end of the episode when they forgive each other and all is well with the world again.

Cut to Juliet, Tess and Mr. Carpenter. Once again the Ringer writers are fans of stereotypes and use hip hop music to show that Juliet is in public school. I spent four year in a public high school, and let me tell you, it wasn’t the experience Juliet is having.

We learn that Tess is keeping the 3 million under her bed (really?) and also plans to keep it all for herself. Needless to say this sends Juliet into a tizzy and Mr. Carpenter “takes care of it” by beating the ever loving CRAP out of the teenager. When Juliet visits her friend in the hospital Tess’ mother names the episode by stating “I thought she was turning tricks, but whore’s don’t make that much…” stay classy, mama Tess. Stay classy.

The only thing that is keeping me hanging on in Ringer is the twist that Juliet’s mother is behind all of the shenanigans with Mr. Carpenter. OH, and the fact that the twins are in the same city helps. I’m just waiting for the moment when someone runs into both of them at the same time.

And when Andrew will realize that Bridget doesn’t sport bangs but Siobhan does.

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