Parenthood “Remember Me, I’m the One Who Loves You” Review

This week’s episode of Parenthood was all about opportunities and decisions.

Jasmine reluctantly accepted Doctor Joe’s invitation to move into his new home and start an instant family with Jabbar.

Dwayne Wayne (not to be confused with NBA star Dwayne Wade) wined and dined Crosby and Adam in an effort to buy The Luncheonette. It seems like it was just yesterday that Crosby was trying to convince Adam how great of an idea it was to buy The Luncheonette.

Zoe’s water broke and her Julia and Joel’s new baby boy is on his way.

Mark suggests that he, Sarah and their yet-to-be conceived baby pack up and move to New York so that she may properly pursue her dream of becoming a successful playwright.

Amber is coming to terms with her decision to walk away from her job after nearly being caught in the act by Kristina.

The Bravermans are just one big happy family, right? Yeah right .

The tension between Crosby and Jasmine finally reached its climax this week, culminating in Jasmine’s impromptu, rain-soaked marriage proposal to Crosby. It has been pretty clear over the last few weeks that these two were heading towards a reconciliation but that did not spoil how sweet it was to see the joy on Jabbar’s face upon learning that his parents were back together. One cannot help but wonder about the collateral damage, i.e., Doctor Joe and the chick from Dexter Lily. I would be just fine with never seeing or hearing from them again but I’m sure the Parenthood writers will provide closure for those relationships. Doctor Joe and Lily were certainly not blind to the lingering feelings between Jasmine and Crosby. Because Doctor Joe has been nothing less than perfect during his entire time on the show, I’m sure he will take the news of Crosby and Jasmine’s nuptials in stride. That leaves Lily as the party least likely to take the news well. I look forward to the wedding on next week’s finale. It will be a much needed bright spot for the rest of the Braverman clan who all appear headed towards major disappointment.

Speaking of bad news, it appears that reconciling with Jasmine may be Crosby’s consolation for losing his prized business. The idea of Crosby and Adam going into business together seemed like a terrible idea until the last few episodes in which we’ve seen Adam fully embrace his role at The Luncheonette. The two are just too different and not in a Paula Abdul/MC Skat” an “opposites attract” sort of way. The two appeared to be proving skeptics (i.e., me) wrong until Dwayne Wayne came around with his checkbook and deep pockets. I’m certain Adam will sell Crosby’s dreams The Luncheonette without consulting his brother because let’s face it, Adam is a bit of a prick. Of all the Braverman siblings, he is the most stubborn and has a large sense of entitlement. Adam, understandably, has his family to think about but if financial security were truly his biggest concern, he should never have gone into business with Crosby. To his credit, he tried to keep Dwayne Wayne’s advances at bay but what little faith I had in him disappeared the moment he agreed to have drinks with the guy. Adam could have at least held out for a sweet pair of glasses with the flip-up lids.

Moving on to more disappointment, it was not a huge shock to see Zoe change her mind about keeping her son. Julia and Joel paved the road to their personal hell with their good intentions. They were so good to Zoe but their generosity bred a contempt that grew deeper each episode. I genuinely believe that Zoe loves Julia, which in turn made the situation that much more painful. Julia and Joel treated Zoe more like a surrogate, which is a completely different situation from adoption. I know that Julia and Joel will forgive Zoe and will understandably need to distance themselves from her. I look forward to this because (1) I’m tired of Zoe and (2) watching Julia’s resilience no matter how hard Zoe tried to push her away was just heartbreaking. Erika Christensen NAILED her scene in the hospital room as she struggled with the reality that Zoe changed her mind. After the pain subsides, I expect there to be some anger and frankly, I’m looking forward to it. Don’t judge me, Zoe grates on my nerves and I can’t exactly pinpoint why.

For the record, as someone who has watched just about every episode of 16 and Pregnant, I found Zoe’s fictional labor to be just as scary as the real thing. Woah.

Mark and Sarah are clearly not going to make it beyond next week’s finale. When they make these crazy proposals to each other its feels more like a game of chicken instead of two people building a future together. I liked this couple a lot at first but the idea of having a baby so soon is just as ridiculous as the notion that Sarah would actually move more than one town away from her family.

I don’t know what to make of Amber but she is clearly reeling from the Bob Little affair relationship? fling? Although dating someone nine years older than you is probably not the smartest idea, I agree with Sarah that young people deserve some room to figure things out for themselves- even if they make a mistake or two along the way. The story feels a bit forced, however I look forward to seeing what happens next week. I cannot imagine the season would end without at least one more interaction between Bob and Amber.

While this season of Parenthood has been really great, this week’s episode stood out as one of the best. Unlike previous weeks, the writers did more with less of the Braverman clan. I hope this trend continues in next week’s finale and into the next season. *fingers crossed*

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Parenthood. Is the Bob/Amber thing really that big of a deal? And if my references to Dwayne Wayne went over your head, use google first and then find TVOne in your local listings and check out a few episodes of A Different World.