One Tree Hill “Last Known Surroundings” Review

For all of the hype that surrounded the return of Chad Michael Murray in “Last Known Surroundings,” this week’s episode of One Tree Hill, I was expecting quite a bit more. Reunions with Brooke and Julian and even Dan…none of these took place. In fact, all Lucas did was fly into Tree Hill to pick up Jamie and Lydia in order to take them back with him while the search for Nathan drags on. He never even left the airport.

Still, I suppose we should be glad we saw him at all, and who knows…if it’s really Nathan underneath the morgue sheet we might be seeing him again real soon. It’s not looking good for Nate; even though he managed to break away from his captors, his escape plan was thwarted by the same dirty cop who had professed to Haley that he was working the case off the clock. Are there no honest, underpaid, yet overworked desk detectives anymore??

Nathan doesn’t have much time to live, as the price on his head has finally been settled. Fortunately Dan seems to be onto something as he recognized what I assume is the Russian gang’s symbol spray-painted on a wall in front of which Nathan recorded his last video message to Jamie. However, when Dan Scott is scared about something, you know it’s about to get a little too real.

Meanwhile, Brooke confronted a bad blast from the past in the form of Xavier, the thug who beat her up and killed Quentin a few seasons back. After learning he was up for parole, she tried her hardest to keep him behind bars, but judging by the fact that he was seen lurking outside Karen’s Cafe, the parole board didn’t listen to her. That can’t be good.

After waking up from what looked like a four-way with Chris Keller and two strippers, Chase got recalled by the Air Force, but I have a feeling he might do something stupid like go AWOL now that he’s starting to figure out that his little pal Chuck’s father is beating his son.

Clay is still at the hospital, still blaming himself for Nathan’s disappearance. The doctor has him talking about Sara and Quinn and the idea of having kids. Gee…wonder what he could be getting at??

All in all, in spite of the absolutely dreadful hair of Lucas Scott, it was a most expository episode, just meant to move the plot forward. Next week, however, looks to be the big reveal. Will Nathan survive? Place your bets now…

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!