News Magnet Katy Petty to Stir Up Trouble on ‘Raising Hope’

Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry, who seems to pop up in the news nearly every day for one reason or another, is now getting press for her upcoming appearance on the FOX comedy Raising Hope.

According to the good folks over at Entertainment Weekly, Perry will appear in the episode entitled “Single White Female,” as Rikki, a prison attendant who claims to be an old buddy of Sabrina’s (Shannon Woodward).

In the episode, Sabrina is arrested after participating in an Occupy Natesville protest and is sentenced to two weeks. Rikki will make Sabrina’s stay a memorable one.

As it turns out, Perry and Woodward are “best buds” in real life; and show creator Greg Garcia shared that Perry “came in and did a terrific job”.

“Single White Female” will be the next new airing of ‘Raising Hope’ when it returns for more new episodes of its second season on FOX on March 6 at 9:30/8:30c.