Justified “When The Guns Come Out” Review

I feel I should call this review of Justified “Why Winona is completely idiotic”, but I’ll refrain as there were bigger fish to fry in “When The Guns Come Out” besides Raylan’s ex-wife’s stupidity.

Let’s talk about how Boyd (Walton Goggins) was running an oxy clinic out of Aunt Helen’s house and how Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) isn’t too pleased when he finds out. We can also talk about how Arlo is losing his freaking mind after Helen’s death, and how things are going to do down between the Limehouse, Quarles, and Crowder clans.

Add all of this to the fact that Winona has disappeared on Raylan, and well… it’s not his best day ever.

Raylan does manage to keep things together and to his credit does not shoot Boyd before asking questions (or at all, actually) about his involvement in the oxy trade. Surprisingly he’s pretty calm about the situation and just explains that if he finds out Boyd was using his family name for anything else that it would not end with Boyd finding Jesus in a hospital bed.

Raylan Givens, I love you. So much. There is not a character on TV right now that I adore more than Raylan, except maybe for Boyd. Both of them are impeccably written, and are played perfectly by their respective actors. Honestly, some of the best acting on television right now. Justified, you are wonderful.

Onward to why Winona is stupid. Remember when Raylan found a mysterious letter on the counter? Turns out it was a Dear Jon letter from Winona. In the most recent episode, Raylan is trying to find his pregnant ex-wife to figure out why she’s leaving him when they were looking at houses together and planning for their first child. Oh, and the money that Winona stole back in season two is missing again as well.

Once Winona is located (did she REALLY think she’d be able to hide from Raylan? The guy is a Marshall AND probably the most stubborn person in the world – he’s going to find you, Winona!) she and Raylan have a heart to heart in which I lose all respect for Winona. She is leaving Raylan because he won’t change his lifestyle. Why didn’t she tell him this sooner, you ask?

Well, reader, I’m not really sure. Other than she was feeling guilty when he got shot and felt like she needed to stay with him and tried to make things work. Now why she couldn’t just tell him this instead of shacking up with him in the first place, I’m not overly sure. But Winona and Raylan are no more, which is going to make for a very cranky and trigger happy US Marshall.

Honestly, I have nothing but great things to say about Justified which is why this is more of a recap than a review. There is nothing wrong with this show. It has action, drama, romance, and some of the best looking cast members ever to grace television. What say you? Are you enjoying Justified?

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