Jane by Design “The Wedding Dress” Review

Jane By Design "The Wedding Dress" Episode 8 (6)
It was only a matter of time until Jane by Design featured an episode in which someone stole a design of Jane’s and tried to pass it off as their own. Let’s face it…we all figured the culprit would be India, and she proved us right in this week’s episode, “The Wedding Dress.”

While she was supposed to be hanging out with Nick and Billy and keeping them from going for each other’s throats, Jane got stuck in the city to help with the overnight design and construction of a wedding dress for a very picky socialite (played by Autumn Reeser). Inspired by a picture of her parents’ wedding (and thank goodness for it as that was her only proof of India’s crime), Jane single-handedly sketched a gorgeous gown which was pieced together in a matter of hours. I’ve watched enough Project Runway to call a little bit of BS on that.

Still, they got it done and the client loved it. But even after it was revealed that India really did steal Jane’s design, there were no consequences for her actions other than Jeremy breaking up with her. Jane, being naive and good, refused to tell Gray about the incident because she didn’t want to build herself up by tearing India down. That’s cute, but all that philosophy is going to get her in the world of fashion is a lot of betrayals and broken hearts.

Meanwhile, Billy and Nick were hanging out, eating nachos, hustling pool and generally finding that they have more in common than just Jane. I actually liked the scenes between them, and that’s saying something in an episode that featured a gorgeous wedding dress. They have good bro-chemistry. I really hope the writers don’t mess it up by having Billy realize he’s been in love with Jane all along. I feel the show heading that way and I kind of don’t approve. I like it when there are truly platonic relationships between a guy and a girl on TV.

So, it was another okay episode of Jane by Design. I will say that I adored her green skirt; that’s one area that’s consistently good from week to week: Jane’s fashion sense. I wish she could give some tips to Blair Waldorf.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!