Heroes Actor Milo Ventimiglia Cast In ‘L.A. Noir’

Heroes actor Milo Ventimiglia has been cast in the lead role in Frank Darabont’s (The Walking Dead) new drama series, L.A. Noir, according to reports from Deadline. Ventimiglia is slated to play the character Ned Stax, a lawyer who (described by the news site) “is being groomed to be a master fixer for the mob.”

The new series will air on TNT and follows the inner corruption of the LAPD back in the 40’s and 50’s , with Police Chief William Parker and a former boxer, turned mobster, Micky Cohen at its center. Joining Milo Ventimiglia in the crime show is actor Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead). ‘L.A. Noir’ will make its debut sometime this year.

Milo Ventimiglia brings with him credits that include the ‘Wolverine’ TV series, ‘The Divide’, ‘Suite 7’, ‘Armored’, ‘Gamer’, and ‘The Bedford Dairies’. The actor also has several other projects he is filming on. Ventimiglia is attached to the movie ‘Killing Season’, as well as ‘That’s My Boy’, ‘Kiss of the Damned’, ‘Static’, and the forthcoming flick ‘X-Men: Destiny’.

Are you looking forward to actor Milo Ventimiglia making his return to the small screen in Frank Darabont’s newest creation, ‘L.A. Noir’? Leave us your comments below.